Live Web Meeting:
Nefsis Sharing, Audio & Multiparty Video is Fast & Easy to Use

Web Meetings Bring the World of Business To You

With the speed of the global business marketplace, you need a simple online meeting environment to facilitate the creativity in your company and break the barriers of distance between employees, offices, and customers.

Nefsis live web meeting software provides a seamless, rich media conference room with audio, video, live application sharing — or anything else accessible to your PC, including multimedia files — in an easy to use, point-and-click interface.

For your participants, it's even easier, all they have to do is click on a web link you send them. If they have a browser and Internet access, they can join your online meeting from anywhere in the world.

Web Video Meeting Tools for Productive Sessions

A web meeting with Nefsis is fully interactive for all participants, not a webinar or other receive-only experience. Anyone you select may share applications, desktops, documents, or virtually anything they could show you, if you were standing at their desk. Nefsis also provides business-grade, multiparty video and audio, as well as live whiteboard and annotation tools, that all make for a superior web meeting experience.

The ability to see and hear your participants as if you were sitting next to each other, and let them highlight or mark-up documents and illustrations, provides immediate feedback in time-critical projects and review meetings. You can tell if your information is understood or not, and facilitate consensus in a single meeting.

After a free trial sign-up with Nefsis, you can simply click on desktop shortcut to enter your web meeting room, invite participants with a hyperlink sent to their email, and your web meeting is underway that easily!

Built-In, Optional Features: Multiparty Video and Audio

Nefsis brings your web meeting to a higher standard with multiparty, business grade video. As a web meeting host, you can choose among default, tiled (shown at left), floating (middle screen above), and picture-in-picture layouts to best suite the style and format of your meeting.

Since Nefsis incorporates a behind the scenes server cloud, it automatically adjusts quality for each participant according to their bandwidth and CPU availability. This provides you with a premiere video collaboration experience.

Nefsis is also HD ready and supports multiple monitors, so you can use it in dual-monitor training, conference, and boardroom scenarios (screenshot at bottom of page).

If you already use Skype, online games, or other tools that require a headset, the Nefsis audio wizard will quickly and efficiently tune your headset and video conferencing microphone for optimum performance. You will hear a crisp, clear, real-time conference, and see your participant's name highlighted when they speak, bringing a natural, relaxed flow to your web meetings.

Live Sharing for Web Meetings

With Nefsis web meeting, you have region, browser, desktop, and application sharing, all with the ability to grant remote mouse and keyboard control.

You can even take PowerPoint presentation sharing to a whole new level with Nefsis. Internet viewers see a clear and crips view, nothing fuzzy, "screen-scraped" or "screen-captured". Nefsis also provides a thumbnail view of your slides, so you can easily move between slides in a deck with a simple click of your mouse.

If you allow it, you and your participants can use built-in text chat during sessions as well, to ensure critical adjustments to your presentations are not overlooked, or to solicit questions. During dry-runs you can see, hear and write anything necessary to revise your content for a quality, production presentation.

Facilitate & Annotate for Quick Project Reviews

The highly efficient tool bars within Nefsis web meeting, give you simple click and use features that you need to annotate and highlight your document in order to engage your participants. You have an immediate on demand whiteboard feature for expounding on pertinent information. A web meeting with Nefsis brings together all of your colleagues, clients or students and facilitates your project review.

Flexibility to record a meeting for future use, file transfer information immediately and gather everything you need in one place to further your business goals, are all supported efficiently with a Nefsis web meeting. Video and audio quality, secure data sharing and intuitive and intelligently functioning tools make your next Nefsis web meeting a sure success.

Special Section: Web Meetings for Microsoft Windows, Office Applications and Communicator Solutions

Nefsis was designed for Microsoft Windows Vista, with full support for the Aero and flip 3D displays. Nefsis also uses end-to-end, parallel processing, maximizing the performance of Core 2 Duo and quad-core, Windows XP and Vista PC's. In addition, Nefsis is compatible with the complete Microsoft Office applications suite, and Microsoft OC Server.

Please contact us for details or assistance with department, group or company-wide Microsoft compatible web meeting solutions.

The Fastest, Best Web Meeting Experience — FREE TRIAL

Nefsis is the ONLY web and video online meeting solution that uses end-to-end, multicore processing and a true cloud computing architecture. That's why our live sharing and multiparty audio and video is so much faster, and more fluid than any competitor.

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