Nefsis web Video Conferencing Security

Nefsis is Easy to Use and More Secure than
Phone, FAX, eMail, or Losing Your Laptop at the Airport

Nefsis was designed for online meetings between multiple employees, across several offices and the public Internet. For meetings regarding sensitive topics and private information, Nefsis offers business-grade secure video conferencing including meeting passwords, encryption, and signed certificates (VeriSign).

The Internet community-at-large has long ago established industry standards for secure communications. Nefsis observes the same standards used by e-commerce, online retailers and banks for secure transmission of passwords, credit cards, and your sensitive data.

To verify you are in a secure video conferencing session, look for "https:" in your conference URL, and the padlock symbol in the Nefsis application.

For more information, please review the material below, or feel free to contact us for a Nefsis design review and security briefing.

Multi-Layer Security Model

Nefsis uses several techniques to protect your online meetings. Nefsis servers are located in secure facilities with restricted physical access. When enabled, SSL encryption provides transmission security, defeating eavesdroppers and packet sniffers.

Note: The meeting host can select passwords for just the host and participants (typical);
or be more specific, and set separate passwords for the host, presenters, and participants.

Online Meeting Passwords & Host Controls

Online meeting hosts can select conference passwords, which are required for conference room entry. In addition to password authentication and other technical measures, conference hosts can play video, and personally check every meeting attendee. The host can expel anyone, at anytime.

Signed Code & Certificates

This site chose VeriSign SSL for secure e-commerce and confidential communications.

The Nefsis online service uses signed code with a third-party certificate provided by VeriSign. VeriSign is a leading certificate authority and world renown provider of trusted Internet services.

End-to-End Encryption

When the meeting host selects SSL/TLS Security, Nefsis uses encrypted connections from end-to-end, including all participants and the conferencing server. In addition, Nefsis sends all conference data over one secured TCP/IP connection, ensuring that all data from all features — live data sharing, presentations, voice over the Internet (VoIP), and video — are all sent over the same encrypted connection. 

IT Security Policy, Firewall & Proxy Compliance

Nefsis uses standard ports 80 and 443 for web services, and provides proxy and firewall traversal in conformance with IT security policies. All Nefsis conference connections are initiated by the conference user, going out their firewall. Nefsis does not attempt any inbound connections. Nefsis conferencing operates over one TCP/IP connection, via the physical, NAT and proxy routing specified by each user’s respective network. Nefsis supports all leading standards for proxy connections such as TTL values, plus many vendor specific implementations (e.g., Microsoft ISA Server) providing the highest possible connection success rates for all users.

Nefsis conference hosts and participants do not need to concern themselves with these details, Nefsis secure conferencing just works.

If required, please contact us for additional details regarding secure video conferencing, firewalls and proxies.

FIPS 140-2 Compliance

Nefsis is offered as an online service, Nefsis Online, and on-premise, installable software, Nefsis Dedicated. The Nefsis Dedicated server software edition is FIPS-140-2 compliant. It provides controls for the use of your certificate, certificate authority (CA), and public key infrastructure (PKI). In addition, it provides detailed options for selecting algorithms and key lengths for signing and encryption. Nefsis makes FIPS compliance easier by providing a software-assist that highlights the configuration choices to meet FIPS 140-2 requirements such as TLS connections, strong ciphers (AES, 3DES), and SHA hashes.

No Unattended Remote Access Features

All Nefsis conference connections must be initiated by the conference attendee. In scenarios where Nefsis remote control features are used — live desktop, application and region sharing — the user is always prompted with a dialog box requesting remote control. In addition, they are offered a quick keyboard bail-out hot key that appears on their screen during the entire remote control session. Nefsis was designed for live conferencing, there are no unattended remote access or remote control features.

Vendor Questionnaire

The following are some general background questions and recommendations to explore, when considering or evaluating a secure video conferencing vendor.

Does the vendor have a proven product, used by thousands of customers over several years? For sensitive data, this is a must.

What is the vendor's security track record? A few minutes spent doing an Internet search and some quick checks on popular IT management sites will highlight any publicized security issues.

Does the vendor or product use proprietary security techniques, or industry standards? Do they use signed code? In particular, is their online service a complete implementation, using public key infrastructure with a third-party certificate authority? Is the CA a trusted source? Most IT managers insist on industry standard components, eliminating unknown and potentially dangerous weaknesses. Signed code, certificates, and well known CAs such as VeriSign, are a must.

Does the vendor offer a free trial, so that you can verify secure connections? We recommend testing any secure conferencing service prior to investing, to confirm security features and standards compliance.

On-Premise, VPNs & Private Networks

Please contact us for a free trial of Nefsis Dedicated for on-premise installation, with more routing controls over private networks and VPNs. Nefsis Dedicated also has controls to limit conference documents to your on-premise server, integrate with your certificate/CA/PKI, and meet FIPS 140-2 requirements.

Contact Us For Details

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For more information, a security Q&A session, or a live demo of any of these capabilities, please contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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