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Nefsis Web Conferencing Features Make it Easy to Communicate Ideas

Get your ideas across with a full suite of business-grade document, application and live desktop sharing features — it's just like meeting in person with your PC.

Nefsis delivers comprehensive, web conferencing features, and adds the human dimension of live, fully interactive, multiparty video. Now you can truly replace time-consuming business travel and in-person meetings, with a web conferencing solution.

Nefsis provides web conferencing software and online services using standard PCs, Internet connections, and widely available PC video peripherals. It combines years of improving secure connection success rates, so you can meet online with virtually any business desktop in the world, anytime, anywhere, on-demand.

Nefsis was designed for easy, fully interactive online meetings. Proxy and firewall compatibility and the Nefsis server cloud easily connect everyone in your online meetings. Point-and-click features let you share virtually anything on your PC, and everyone enjoys a high-quality, secure online meeting experience.

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Easy Share Menu

Nefsis uses standard browsers, web links, and for meeting hosts, a point-and-click interface. The layout is immediately familiar to anyone who uses office applications, and the default settings work for our most popular applications: inter-office meetings, training and sales. The tool ribbon has pictures of each feature with a mouse-over description, making it easy to explore new capabilities. For participants it's even easier—all they do is click on a link.

Document & PowerPoint Sharing

You can share PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, or any printable document on your PC. Unlike many competing products, Nefsis does not use screen capture technology for presentation sharing. Instead, it renders the native, rich text and graphics used in your presentations, so that your participants get a crisp, clear and beautiful impression just as you intended.

Nefsis features thumbnail previews, so you can jump right to the slide or page you like. You and the participants you allow, can use pointers and annotation tools to highlight the speaking points for your audience.


Region, Application & Desktop Sharing – With Live Annotation

Yes, you can share your live desktop, and use pointers and annotation tools to highlight the areas where you want to draw attention.

These live annotation tools can also be used with application sharing, region sharing, and co-browsing.


Application & Desktop Sharing With Authorized Remote Control

All Nefsis live sharing features – desktop, application, region and browser – feature user authorized remote control. This can be very useful for live collaboration on documents, presentations, Excel spreadsheets, and other applications where group input in a live setting is required.


White Board & Text Conferencing

Nefsis includes an interactive, online whiteboard. You can use basic annotation tools, or all of the advanced white boarding tool buttons. There is a text-conferencing feature that allows meeting hosts to run chat sessions among just hosts, hosts and presenters, or everyone.

File Transfer

The Nefsis file transfer feature is often used at the end of an online meeting, and in customer service and technical support scenarios. You can transfer files to your meeting participants while you are online, instead of sending them via email separately.

Record & Playback

The Nefsis record and playback feature lets meeting hosts record the meeting, including voice over the Internet (VoIP), video and the live share area. This is a convenient tool for "catching-up" anyone who missed a meeting, or building a library of online training material.

Host & Online Meeting Controls

Most Nefsis customers enter their meeting room, click play-all for video, and start sharing materials, using default settings alone. This makes Nefsis really easy to use, and ideal for the most common online meeting applications, including inter-office meetings, online sales calls, and customer and reseller training.

However, for organized web events, comprehensive controls are required. Nefsis works for these applications too, providing a variety of layouts, with and without participant lists, running text conference windows between hosts and presenters only, share-only views maximizing viewable area, and so on.

These powerful tools are intuitively arranged, using illustrated tool buttons, and right-click (object/action or properties) on most viewable objects in the user interface. Advanced web event users and managers will be immediately productive with Nefsis host and online meeting controls.

Secure Web Conferencing / Passwords / SSL & TLS Encryption

Nefsis is a business-grade solution designed for proxy and firewall compatible conferencing among multiple business users – no consumer peer-to-peer (P2P) technology that breaks down when used by multiple people behind separate firewalls.

Nefsis lets conference hosts select secure conferencing and conference room passwords. Secure conference settings require all users to successfully establish an SSL3 / TLS encrypted connection prior to entering your conference room. Using signed certificates and industry standard encryption technology as used by online retailers and your bank (SSL), secure your conference and prevent eavesdropping. For more security details, plus options such as on-premise software solutions, please contact us.

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