Nefsis® versus WebEx®


  • Accessible, live human support, including help with desktop and room-based AV peripherals
  • FASTER desktop sharing & multi-point video
  • No limits on video quality, including HD
  • Easier for network users
  • On-premise software option
  • More security & IT controls:
  • Server access restrictions
  • Use own certificate / PKI
  • FIPS 140-2 Compliant (US Govt)

WebEx was designed for 1:many webinars, where one person presents to many. Nefsis was designed for fully interactive online meetings. Nefsis advanced technology is faster, with far superior video capabilities and more options for security and IT controls. In addition, Nefsis support staff is available to help with video conferencing applications and audio/video peripherals of all types. For product details, please see the comparison chart below.


Easy to start meeting    
Easy to invite people    
Easy to share PPT & live desktop    
Easy to use audio & video    
Easy to end meeting    
Fast, high-quality desktop sharing & video    
Connection success, firewall & proxy traversal - Comments [+]

Both work, but Nefsis optimizer picks faster connection types

Easy to learn? Intuitive layout or metaphor?    
Is the product so easy, help not needed?    
Help - Easy text help system?    
Help - Easy movie help system?    
Help - Easy to find quick start guide?    
Help - First-Time user prompt wizard?    
Help - Public online user guide? - Comments [+]

WebEx online user guide requires login access

Help - Live telephone technical support?    


Online Meetings

Ad-Hoc meetings    
Schedule conferences    
Recording - Comments [+]

Nefsis records to AVI and Flash; WebEx to proprietary format

Recording (including VoIP, video & live share) - Comments [+]

WebEx does not record video; Nefsis records all live sharing, VoIP and video



Share document - Word    
Share document - PowerPoint    
Share document - any document    
Share live - desktop    
Share live - application    
Share live - region    
Share live - browser    
Share other - whiteboard    
Share other - annotation    
Share other - annotation on LIVE applications - Comments [+]

Nefsis can annotate over live applications; WebEx uses a static screenshot

Share other - save annotation    
Share other - text chat    
Share other - file hand-outs    
Share other - file transfer    
Share other - desktop w/ remote control    
Share other - media sharing (WMV) - Comments [+]

Play movie files during a conference, participants' audio and video are not paused during the movie

Live media sharing - no plugins required - Comments [+]

Nefsis renders the audio and video, it does not require conference participants to install any plug-ins

Live media sharing - share any media file - Comments [+]

Nefsis can share any file format

Live media sharing - HD media - Comments [+]

Nefsis can play high definition encoded media

Live media sharing - real-time host controls - Comments [+]

The meeting host controls play, pause, rewind, etc., not individual conference participants

Live media sharing - multipoint synchronization - Comments [+]

Everyone gets the same experience, all see the same frames simultaneously and everyone else's reaction

Multi-Monitor support - Comments [+]

Share anything on any monitor


Additional Comments:

•  Nefsis live sharing can include PC audio
•  Nefsis live sharing features are faster than WebEx when used by multiple participants over the Internet
•  Nefsis offers animated pointers for more visual highlights

Video Conferencing

Multipoint video - Comments [+]

Both support multipoint video, but Nefsis is faster with more participants

Multipoint video, dynamic video resolution and fps- Comments [+]

Nefsis automatic throttling dynamically responds to changes in bandwidth for each user

Multipoint video, all active, not just speaker    
Windows USB webcams    
Windows video capture cards (DirectShow)    
1/8th screen (177x144)    
1/4 screen (320x240)    
Full screen, 640x480 @ 30 fps- Comments [+]

See also video layouts below

Enhanced Definition (ED), 720p @ 15+ fps    
High definition (HD), 720p or better @ 30 fps    
Allow maximum device frame rate - Comments [+]

No limits, Nefsis will allow the host to select any frame-rate supported by the input device

Allow maximum device resolution - Comments [+]

No limits, Nefsis will allow the host to select any video resolution supported by the input device

Apply my layout    
Follow my layout    
Host can select participants’ camera & change devices    
3rd party capture card, camera and HD camcorder spt. - Comments [+]

Nefsis provides qualified technical support for all audio/video peripherals

Conference room support - Comments [+]

Nefsis technical support provides conference room setup assistance for all customers


Additional Comments:

•  Nefsis does not limit video participation to presenters-only
•  Nefsis does not automatically pause videos in multipoint settings
•  Nefsis multipoint video and live sharing is much faster with 4 or more participants when used over the public Internet
    WebEx UDP-first works over LANs for bench-testing, but not over the public Internet when in production use
    Nefsis uses TCP/IP for LAN, WAN, and public Internet connections

Audio (VoIP) Conferencing

Multiparty VoIP - Comments [+]

Nefsis allows unlimited talkers at full duplex; WebEx two at simplex

Multiparty VoIP, full-duplex (not like a speaker phone)    
Multiparty VoIP, live sharing & video sync - Comments [+]

Nefsis syncronization works with VoIP, live sharing & multipoint video

Narrowband - Comments [+]

Nefsis narrowband quality is superior with acoustic echo cancellation for webcam microphones

Wideband - Comments [+]

Nefsis defaults to wideband audio

Host can select participants’ audio, change devices    
Conference recording includes VoIP audio    

Host Conference Controls & Layouts

Host, presenter and participant levels    
Promote participant, demote and expel    
Take host (requires password) - Comments [+]

With WebEx, if the host exits the meeting for any reason (e.g., accidental disconnect), the room is automatically closed

Share only - Comments [+]

Only the item being shared is shown (to maximize display area)

Docked and tiled videos, with live sharing area to the right (style 1) - Comments [+]

All videos and the item being shared are shown in one window

Webinar (video and share, no participant list)    
Floating video layouts - Comments [+]

The WebEx undock feature is limited to only one video, which cannot be floated over the 2nd monitor

Floating video-bar layouts - Comments [+]

All videos float in one “video bar” (like a tool bar or tool ribbon)

Full-screen video - Comments [+]

WebEx full-screen video appears pixelated, because it is a stretched, low-resolution image

Video only - tiled    
Video only - picture-in-picture (PIP)    
Video only - floating video    
Composite video layouts    
Multi-monitor support (float video on any monitor)    

Distributed Processing

True cloud computing (not multiple data centers) - Comments [+]

Nefsis picks the best nearby server for lowest roundtrip latency

Redundancy, fail-over and load-balancing built-in    
Massively scalable - Comments [+]

Nefsis via cloud computing, WebEx via data centers

Multi-core parallel processing, end-to-end    
MME/SSE multimedia processor extensions    

Enterprise Communications

Firewall traversal    
Proxy support - Comments [+]

Nefsis supports WPAD, PAC without JSProxy, Socks5, and manual proxy configuration settings

Connection optimizer - Comments [+]

Nefsis tries multiple connection types and ports, and picks the fastest


IT Controls


Password protected conferences - Comments [+]

Nefsis Online & WebEx offer standard security features; Nefsis Dedicated provides the additional capabilities below

Security, encrypted connections (SSL/TLS)    
Security, encrypted connections (HTTPS)    
Force all hosts to use password protected conf.    
On-premise, use own SSL certificate - Comments [+]

Nefsis Dedicated on-premise server software offers multiple higher-level security settings

On-premise, own PKI - Comments [+]

Nefsis Dedicated on-premise server software can integrate with customer and third-party public key infrastructure (PKI)

FIPS 140-2 compliant security settings - Comments [+]

Nefsis Dedicated on-premise server software is FIPS 140-2 compliant (for US government applications)

Option to restrict conference documents - Comments [+]

Nefsis Dedicated can restrict documents to on-premise conferencing server



Customize entry page with logos & color schemes    
Default conference room for each user    
User controls, accounts    
Feature controls, live sharing & remote control    
Feature controls, video quality settings    
Usage reports    
Bandwidth monitor    
Network diagnostic    

Contact Lists & Integration Points

Microsoft Outlook integration    
Microssoft Office applications integration    
Windows desktop integration    
Microsoft LCS and OC compatibility    
Contact list with online status - Comments [+]

Nefsis tray applet and live contact list is an optional, no charge add-on

Contact pop-up messages & text chat    
Contact list groups    
Notes integration via MAPI    



Online service    
On Premise Software    
Annual payment plan    
Month-to-month payment plan    
Pay Per Use    
One-time, large event license “bump” - Comments [+]

Nefsis is a pre-planned license bump; WebEx is an automatic overcharge

“How is it licensed?
Named user, concurrent user, room, etc.”

Named or concurrent user



Chinese (Simplified)    
Chinese (Traditional)    
French (Canadian)    
French (European)    
Spanish (European)    
Spanish (Latin America)    
Open and edit language files - Comments [+]

Nefsis supports any language, you can create and edit language files

Set hotkey to dynamically reload language files    


Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera    
Windows XP    
Windows Vista    
Windows Vista / full Aero support - Comments [+]

Nefsis live sharing supports the complete Microsoft Aero premium visual experience, including transparanecy and glass effects; WebEx maps Aero to classic display settings

Windows 7 (64 bit)    

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This document was prepared by Nefsis product management; information herein is deemed reliable at the time it was prepared, but cannot be guaranteed. Nefsis features and systems requirements are subject to change without notice. Nefsis is a registered trademark of WiredRed Corporation. WebEx is a registered trademark of Cisco Systems, Inc. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.