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Web Conference Software

Helping employees cover more ground across widespread offices and global time zones is imperative for organizations to survive and thrive in tough times. Nefsis reaches beyond typical web conference solutions to provide a fully interactive, live sharing and high-quality VoIP and video conference environment.

In particular, Nefsis parallel processing and cloud computing technology makes desktop sharing and multiparty video conferencing much faster than webinar solutions, providing a viable alternative to in-person meetings. Advanced features include annotation over live applications, sharing movies and Windows media files (with pause, start and stop controls), and clear, crisp multiparty audio and video conferencing.

What's more, Nefsis is intuitively easy to use, with illustrated point-and-click tool buttons that make each step in an online meeting simple and easy.

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Getting Started

With Nefsis web conference software, all you need to get started is a PC, browser, and a standard Internet connection. You can also use a headset for PC audio (voice over IP), or any webcam for VoIP and video, but these peripherals are not required to try the PowerPoint, desktop sharing, and other live sharing features.

Easy Point-and-Click User Interface

The Nefsis tool ribbon offers illustrated tool buttons, each with a "mouse over" that describes what the feature does. Web conference software has never been easier. If you ever have a question, Nefsis has ready answers listed right on your start menu, highlighting the next step in an online meeting, plus an integrated online user manual, short video tutorials, and a contact us button for assistance. If you are new to Nefsis, a scheduled live demo is the easiest and most enjoyable way to see what Nefsis is all about.

Advanced Software Technology Reduces Latency

As more and more users go beyond webinars and start using web conference software for online meetings, project reviews and everyday tasks, features like multipoint video, desktop sharing, and live media sharing become more important.

Unlike sharing static PowerPoint slides, the latter are much more compute intensive, and that's where Nefsis parallel processing and cloud computing technology shines. By using all available cores, and the best, near-by server for your conference session, Nefsis dramatically accelerates desktop sharing, makes video much more interactive, and reduces the overall latency often experienced in prior generations of conference software and online services.

It's easy to see, just try Nefsis, and if you are familiar with task manager, click on Performance, and view CPU usage. You'll see all your processors working.

More about Nefsis multipoint video conferencing technology...

Live Sharing

Annotation for Documents, Presentations & Now Desktop Sharing Too

No more struggling to display your document or PowerPoint presentations to colleagues. With web conference software from Nefsis, it is a simple and easy click on your toolbar. Nefsis uses rich text fonts and your embedded graphics rendering presentation displays just like PowerPoint itself. There are no fuzzy screen captures. Vivid pointers and highlighting tools are readily available for you to bring attention to the details you are presenting.

Like many web conference software tools, Nefsis has an annotation toolbar, but Nefsis also makes this toolbar available while sharing browsers, applications, regions and entire desktops. This new tool can be very handy for live, instructor-led training, technical support, or anywhere you need to annotate over a live application.

Web Conference Software Brings Life to Office Applications

Take it all live and share your applications in real-time with web conference software. With just a simple click of your mouse, you can make any application viewable to any number of participants. You can also make your entire desktop or only a portion of it (called region sharing) visible to other conference participants. Whether you display an application, region, or your entire desktop, you can share keyboard and mouse inputs with other participants, through user prompted and approved remote control. You and your team members can hammer out edits and approved documents in real-time, instead of going back-and-forth with long email threads over several days. Do it now, long distance teamwork has never been easier.

Interactive Whiteboard and Text Q&A

Now you can take your whiteboard live! With Nefsis web conference software you can operate on a whole new level of interactive display. All tools for pointing, underlining, highlighting and much more can be used with a simple click. You bring your whiteboard display to others, with each contributor working together at the same time, all in one place. Now you can collectively articulate ideas with anyone, anytime, and anywhere. With the text conferencing tools, you have the ability to chat with YOUR choice of hosts, presenters or participants.

Record It... An Investment for the Future

As a web conference host, you know that at some future date you may want to revisit ideas from your past conferences, or replay it to those that could not attend. Nefsis web conference software features a record and playback feature, so you are never without your pertinent materials. It records the entire session including live sharing, audio and video. Take it with you, offer your meeting recordings to prospective clients or important colleagues. Your training library benefits from this important feature as well.

Control Your Meeting, Your Way

Intuitive controls are an integral part of the toolset that Nefsis web conference software features. Host controls empower you with participant, room, and content display control. Whether you are meeting online with customers, partners, or your colleagues, you decide what they see and their level of participation.

Nefsis default control settings are the most often used, making the typical web conferencing session extremely simple and straightforward.

When more stringent controls are required for a live web event, online seminar, or more formal meeting, the user interface controls make it easy for you to arrange the participants' view, video layouts, and meeting flow to your liking. Several different display layouts, with choices for visible participant lists and texting abilities are all at your immediate disposal.

Solid Security, Protected Privacy

Host your online meeting with confidence. Nefsis web conferencing software is secure, providing options for conference room passwords and encryption to safely conduct business. In a secure conference setting, all users are required to establish an SSL3/TLS encrypted connection before being allowed to enter your conference room. SSL version 3 is the industry standard encryption technology used by the banking, healthcare, and online retail (e-commerce) industries, and third-party, signed certificates facilitate the security of your meetings. Verify...

Web Conference Software & White Glove Service

Click free trial to start testing Nefsis web conference software right now. You can also schedule a live demo or contact us with any questions you may have. In addition to advanced technology, our customers enjoy white glove customer service with assigned account managers and live technical support.