Nefsis Video Conferencing Feature List


  • Accessible, live human support, including help with desktop and room-based AV peripherals
  • Unlimited, FASTER multipoint VoIP and video, including HD
  • Easier for network users
  • Easy to activate online service OR on-premise software; the latter with installation wizard
  • More security & IT controls
  • Server access
  • Use own certificate/PKI
  • FIPS 140-2

Nefsis is a next-generation video conferencing software and online service (SaaS) solution designed for effortless business-to-business online meetings. It spans the full-spectrum of live sharing, VoIP and multipoint video conferencing —
everything needed for a productive online meeting.

Your Choice: Software or Online Service

Instant conferencing with Nefsis Online

On-premise software option with Nefsis Dedicated

Easy Set-up & Go with Nefsis Online

Live device detection and point-and-click video device selection

Live device detection and point-and-click audio device selection

Animated application window with user assists for typical meeting process

 User assists for audio and video devices already in use by other applications

Automatic audio input device tuning

Online help, user guide, getting started videos and pocket reference guide (PDF)

Live technical support

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Multipoint video

Use any video peripheral, webcam to HD, desktop to conference room

Fast, multipoint video conferencing - Details [+]

An Advantage over online services which degrade over two users; and hardware-based systems require network changes and expensive MCUs to support more than 2 end-points

High-quality, business-grade video, webcam to HD - Details [+]

High-quality, business-grade video over typical internet connections; HD fully supported where bandwidth permits; video quality limited only by input hardware and bandwidth availability, there are no software limits.

Any desktop, any room - Details [+]

No installed site limitations; conference with any desktop or conference room PC, participants just click on a link.

Automatic throttling for CPU, bandwidth and video quality | EXCLUSIVE FEATURE

USB webcam support for desktops and laptops

Built-in webcam support for most HP, Dell and other laptops

HD and pan-tilt-zoom camera (PTZ) support for conference room cameras

Use any video input with capture card or DirectShow driver, including boardroom, medical device, factory floor, document capture, handheld camera, etc. - Details [+]

Nefsis can use any video peripheral input, even previously installed video conferencing boardroom equipment, provided it can be mated to a video capture card or USB converter. Contact us regarding future integration points.

1/8th screen (177x144)

1/4 screen (320x240); also called 1/4 CIF

Full screen, 640x480 @ 30 fps; also called Common Interchange Format or CIF

Enhanced Definition (ED), 720p @ 15+ fps - Details [+]

Nefsis has no software limits; image quality is determined by input hardware and available bandwidth only

High definition (HD), 720p or better @ 30 fps - Details [+]

Nefsis has no software limits; image quality is determined by input hardware and available bandwidth only

Mix and match video peripherals at any end-point

Switch to any video device on-the-fly, no need to restart conference or application

One touch play-all and pause-all

Play and pause each individual participant

Use default and automated settings, or manually change video size, resolution and frame rate, for entire conference or any particpant

Show names on/off, display or hide participant's name at top of video window

Multiple video layouts including full-screen, tiled, floating, picture-in-picture (PIP), composite (one large, others tiled) and floating video bar

Dual monitor support, float a video on any monitor

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Multiparty VoIP

Use any webcam microphone, headset, or conference room audio equipment

Multipoint, full-duplex voice over IP (VoIP) conferencing

High-quality wideband audio over typical internet connections - Details [+]

High-quality (better than landline telephone), wideband audio over typical internet connections

Acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) - Details [+]

Built-in, software-based AEC for multipoint connections with variable latency

Compatible with hardware-based AEC - Details [+]

Acoustic echo cancellation (AEC). Nefsis is compatible with 3rd party, hardware-based AEC such as Phoenix Audio, ClearOne, and Yamaha. Nefsis technical support provides assistance with compatible peripherals.

USB headset support for standard desktop/laptop headsets

USB webcam microphone support for standard desktops/laptops with external speakers (see also AEC below)

Standard PC audio-in support for desktop/laptop RCA jack headsets

Standard PC audio-in and audio-out for use with any conference room audio equipment, including external speakers, multiple pick-ups, mixers, and amps

Speaker highlight, the speaker(s) are highlighted in green on the participant list and in the video frame, so everyone knows who is talking

VoIP synchronized with video and live sharing

No jitter. Under limited bandwidth conditions, automatic throttling technology prioritizes VoIP over live sharing and video

Automatic voice activation (also called voice activity detection, or VAD) - Details [+]

Default setting

Option for push-to-talk (PTT)

Automatic gain control (AGC)

Adaptive noise cancallation (ANC)

Comfort noise generation (CNG)

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Web Conferencing

Easily share anything accessible to your PC

Document Sharing

Desktop Sharing

Annotation over live sharing - Details [+] | EXCLUSIVE FEATURE

Nefsis annotation works over documents, presentations, AND live application sharing, region sharing, and browser sharing

Live HD media sharing, play and pause movie files in real-time during conference | EXCLUSIVE FEATURE

Conference Record & Playback using industry standard file formats (FLV, AVI) - Details [+]

Most conference products use proprietary formats

Presentation Sharing (PPT)

Application Sharing

Browser Sharing

Region Sharing


Text chat all

Text chat with specific users

Highlight and pointer tools

Annotation over documents and presentations

Remote control, with live user permission required (request/grant)

File Hand-Outs

File Transfer

Multiple layout options, default (style 1), styles 2 and 3, webinar, video-only, share-only and full-screen (see also video layouts above)

Apply-my-layout and follow-my-layout, to control participants' experience

Dual monitor support, live sharing on any monitor

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Host Conference Controls

Status at a glance, with detailed controls for large meetings

Host, presenter and participant levels

Promote, demote and expel

Take host (requires host password)

Close room (ability to additional attendees from joining online meeting)

Check participant connection status (5 bars)

Check participant CPU availability status (5 bars)

Check participant audio and video equipment status | EXCLUSIVE FEATURE

Help participant, select different audio and video devices remotely | EXCLUSIVE FEATURE

Hide participant list

Hide address bar

Hide toolbar

Enable/disable loopback on shared applications | EXCLUSIVE FEATURE

Override and detailed settings for document/presentation, live sharing, and video quality

Hot keys for apply and follow-my-layout, stop sharing, and stop remote control

Hot key for push to talk audio (PTT)

Enable/disable conference event sounds for user joins, user leaves, and text chat message

Enable/disable conference event balloons for user joins and user leaves

Host option to select Nefsis cloud region, for optimizing multinational conference events | EXCLUSIVE FEATURE

Create, edit, and delete conference room templates to control all conference room properties

Custom join conference URL (

Custom welcome message

Custom join message

Custom deny entry message

Custom call-in message (for VoIP and standard telephone)

Custom limits on audio and video properties, with initial room settings

Custom start time, and open or closed conference room state

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Distributed Processing

End-to-End parallel processing and cloud computing reduce latency

Distributed Processing - cloud computing picks best nearby server for lowest latency time - Details [+] | EXCLUSIVE FEATURE

Exclusive for a video conferencing application

Distributed Processing - parallel processing end-to-end maximizes all available cores, including those on your desktop | EXCLUSIVE FEATURE

Distributed Processing - MME/SSE multimedia processor extensions for further improving video and live sharing performance

Distributed Processing - cloud computing provides redundancy, fail-over and load-balancing

Distributed Processing - cloud computing provides massively scalable growth for customer virtual conference servers

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Enterprise Communications

Firewall traversal

Proxy traversal, including support for proxy authentication, WPAD, PAC without JSProxy, Socks5, and manual proxy
configuration settings - Details [+]

MTLM pending. Contact us for details.

Connection optimizer - Details [+] | EXCLUSIVE FEATURE

Nefsis picks the best connect type and port for each user, often trying several and selecting the best for each user including those in unrestricted, medium browser security settings, secure browser and network settings, and hard lock-down environments, or anything in between.


Conference room passwords

End-to-End Encryption with SSL/TLS/https connections; all features, including web, VoIP, and video, send data over the same encrypted connection

Customer certificate, CA & PKI integration (Nefsis Dedicated)

FIPS 140-2 compliant configurations (Nefsis Dedicated)

Option to restrict conference documents to on-premise server (Nefsis Dedicated)


Easy to activate, maintain and secure

Built-in bandwidth and network test utilities | EXCLUSIVE FEATURE

Custom company entry page with logos and color schemes

Default conference room for each user always available (even if user acidentally deletes it)

Forgot password / password reset feature for network users

Easy admin with Nefsis Web-based administrative controls

Easy admin with small footprint, Web-based client

Easy deployment with 100% Web access, or Nefsis Tray Applet (see below) for quick online meetings

System-wide and user-level feature controls

System-wide and user-level security controls

Standard usage reports

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Nefsis Tray Applet & Contact List

One-click conference room entry & productivity tools for frequent users and repeat meetings (no charge add-on)

Tray applet for one-click entry into your conference room

Live contact list with online status | EXCLUSIVE FEATURE

Contact list groups, for department or any logical group pop-up messages, text chat, or online meeting | EXCLUSIVE

Instant pop-up messages or balloons to invite contacts to conference

Create, edit, delete conference templates for repeat meetings or detailed/large online events

View and edit conference room properties (URL, start/stop time, prior open/closed state, security, and passwords)

View and edit advanced conference room properties (audio, video, live sharing, and text chat propoerties; join, welcome, and deny messages)

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3rd Party Applications

Launch email client and pre-populate conference invitation message (using any standard email client)

Copy conference link to clipboard, for quick and easy send using any 3rd party app

Microsoft Outlook tool buttons

Microsoft Office tool buttons

Employee portal integration points; Nefsis uses standard URLs and XML for conference rooms, easy to integrate with virtually any portal

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Platforms & Languages

Windows 7 (64 bit), Vista, and XP - Details [+]

Windows 7 (64 bit) support is new in v5.2.

All major browsers - Details [+]

Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari (see systems requirements page for details). Opera & Safari support are new in v5.2

Unicode enabled, with support for 10 languages - Details [+]

Unicode, dynamic language file re-load, and UI in 9 additional languages are new in v5.2.











Windows Aero Support, live sharing with premium visual experience (transparency and glass effects)

Macs (using Windows emulation, see Tech Note)

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This document was prepared by Nefsis product management; information herein is deemed reliable at the time it was prepared, but cannot be guaranteed. Nefsis features and systems requirements are subject to change without notice.