NetMeeting Replacement with Multiparty Web & Video Conferencing

The modern NetMeeting has arrived, with secure, multipoint video conferencing, web conferencing, and a suite of collaboration features. Unlike netmeetings of the 1990's, Nefsis traverses NAT, firewalls and the Internet. You can have an online meeting with field offices, customers, vendors and anyone in the world who has an Internet connection.


In the 1990s, NetMeeting was used a popular collaboration tool between two employees on a common local area network. NetMeeting used popular (at the time) peer-to-peer connections. The Internet expanded, firewalls went up, and employees tried to use NetMeeting for inter-company meetings. Unfortunately, peer-to-peer connections were blocked by firewalls and routers, and many employees were frustrated that the LAN utility did not work over the Internet and most wide area networks (WANs). In addition, the ranges of ports and the geometric growth in connections needed for multi-user sessions were big setbacks for IT managers.

Nefsis Technology Solves Routing Problems

Since 1998, Nefsis real-time routing technology (previously sold under WiredRed's e/pop brand) has solved network address translator (NAT), proxy and firewall routing problems. Nefsis real-time routing technology supports secure, multipoint, full-duplex conferencing for all participants. This routing framework also supports "high payload" features such as multiparty VoIP and video conferencing. Today, a Nefsis net meeting may include a few, dozens, or even hundreds of participants from separate offices all in one online meeting.

Today's NetMeeting Includes Web & Video Conferencing

In addition to proxy and firewall traversal, Nefsis provides a full suite of business-grade web conferencing, desktop sharing and group collaboration features, plus multipoint video conferencing as standard, built-in features. Nefsis can be used live sharing and collaboration only, or as a complete video conferencing system able to connect separate offices, desktops and boardrooms.

IT Friendly - Nefsis is Easy to Activate, Manage & Secure

Nefsis is an IT friendly solution. The online service takes only a phone call to activate, on-premise server installation takes only minutes, and both offerseveral security, user and feature controls. These controls allow IT staff to manage access, features and bandwidth in accordance with their own internal policies.

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