Videoconference with Nefsis — Any Camera, Desktop or Room

Now you can hold meetings with customers and staff between offices or anywhere in the world, with IP videoconference online services by Nefsis. Nefsis makes it easy to join your online meeting from desktops, boardrooms, training facilities, and multi-purpose conference rooms — anywhere there is a PC and Internet access.

Nefsis built-in collaboration tools let you share desktops, whiteboards, and annotate live applications. Everything you need for real-world, productive meetings is included in one easy-to-use online service, with on-premise server options for more security and advanced IT controls.

Advanced Technology

Cloud Computing & Multi-core Parallel Processing Reduce Latency

Nefsis uses the most advanced distributed processing — cloud computing, multi-core parallel processing, and multimedia processor extensions — to deliver the highest quality, lowest latency, and most fluid videoconference experience possible, over common, shared Internet connections found in most offices today.

You get the best of both worlds: the cost-effectiveness, ease-of-use and desktop connectivity of online services; plus high-quality, multipoint video previously limited to boardroom systems with dedicated Internet access, costing tens of thousands of dollars.

Use Any Peripheral — No Proprietary Hardware or Long-Term Contracts

Why over-pay for HD videoconference equipment and get locked into proprietary solutions, when these peripherals are available off-the-shelf? With Nefsis, you can use any audio and video peripheral you like, and your videoconference sessions can use mixed end-points, meaning webcams, HD, or no video at all. Use Creative Labs, Logitech, Sony, built-in webcams, Tandberg, Polycom, or any video conferencing hardware. The team at Nefsis has deep experience with all these brands, and we are here to help you get the most out of any equipment you want to use.

Use Nefsis to Complement Fixed-Site, Boardroom Equipment

Please keep in mind, it's not either or. We have many customers that use point-to-point equipment such as Polycom and Tandberg, for their fixed-site HD videoconference requirements; and Nefsis for desktop video conferencing with external customers and partners. Nefsis is broadly compatible with PC video conferencing equipment and general network environments. You can mix and match Nefsis with previously installed equipment. Please contact us for assistance, we help customers with A/V peripherals, specialty video inputs (medical, factory floor, etc.), and boardroom hardware every day.

A New Application: Corporate Video Showroom

Even if your participants don't have a camera, your conference is still accessible to all. Participants without a camera simply don't transmit video, but they can see and interact with everyone else over the phone, via PC audio (VoIP), and using all the other live sharing and web conferencing features.

One of our fastest growing, new applications is the corporate video showroom. In this scenario, high-quality video is shown by the presenter, typically from their headquarters office. Remote customers and prospects join the IP videoconference to see the items presented in real-time. Often HD video is used. The presenter can use standard frame rates for full-motion video, and slow the frame rate, or pause, to highlight specific items under discussion. Other topic experts and participants can join from any location, providing an instant forum for live, HD videoconference presentations.

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Built-In VoIP Eliminates Teleconference Expense

The same Nefsis technology that delivers multipoint video, also delivers high-quality, wideband audio. Nefsis voice over the Internet (VoIP) delivers audio quality that is better than the telephone, allowing you to hang-up on teleconference expenses. Advanced echo cancellation technology lets you use any Windows compatible audio peripheral for your desktop users, even webcam microphones and external speakers. Nefsis is also compatible with a wide array of hardware-based, echo cancelling microphones and mixers, such as ClearOne for multipurpose conference rooms, training facilities, and executive boardrooms.

Live Sharing is a Snap to Use

With Nefsis, you have an easy-to-use tool ribbon, with pictorial descriptions and full-text, mouse-over hints. The point-and-click tool buttons and web links (URLs) are immediately familiar and a snap to use, letting you focus your time and energy on your meeting agenda.

Document & Presentation Sharing

Nefsis provides a premium visual experience with document and PowerPoint presentation sharing. Anyone in your videoconference that you choose may present, highlight and annotate any document accessible to them via their PC. They can use pull-down menus to see thumbnail views of any page in their material, allowing them to jump to the right page on-the-fly.

Live Sharing with Annotation and Remote Control

Nefsis IP videoconference software has integrated browser, application, desktop and region sharing (a portion of the desktop) to allow you to share live applications. This is ideal for training sessions and other meetings where live applications, graphics, CAD, or other visually complex information must be shared.

In situations where you need to draw more attention to a portion of the item being shared, you can use region sharing (a portion of your desktop), or advanced Nefsis annotation and highlighting tools. These tools let you highlight, draw and annotate documents and presentations in real-time, plus highlight live application sharing screens.

This can be especially helpful when you are trying to show somebody how to use a computer application or a software tool, and you need to highlight a live application display.

You can also request or grant remote control, to allow other users mouse and keyboard inputs. This can be used for live collaboration, group brainstorming, technical support, or training — any scenario where group or remote user input, and live interaction is required.

The Only Videoconference Solution with Live Media Sharing

With Nefsis, there's almost no limit to your videoconference meetings. In addition to multipoint HD video, presentation, application and desktop sharing, you can also share movie files (WMV and others) in real-time across multiple participants. Note: Nefsis is intended for business-to-business online meetings, our Terms of Service requires that you have rights to media files you share.

The presenter has movie file controls with VCR-like icons for play and pause, and a slider for fast-forward and rewind. This is not a heavily buffered, minutes behind streaming application. Nefsis is multipoint, real-time. You can play and pause the movie all you like, providing your own commentary along the way. You and your participants see the same, synchronous starts and stops you do. You can even watch your participants, as their video is not paused while your movie is played.

Interactive Q&A Sessions with Whiteboard and Text Chat

Presenters can open and share whiteboards and text chat windows, and limit whether these shared items are visible to all participants, or only specific users. These features can be very useful in larger meetings during Q&A sessions and moderated videoconference discussions. These tools make your presentations more natural and interactive, yet still provide the controls needed as your conferencing activity grows from small meetings with internal employees, to larger meetings and webinars with external participants and multiple presenters.

More Videoconference Tools

Record & Playback for Training Sessions

In addition to the media file, document, and live sharing described above, Nefsis also includes a Record & Playback feature for recording your videoconference sessions. Nefsis Record & Playback uses industry standard file formats (AVI, Flash/FLV), so that you can easily play and edit the output files with third-party tools, or use them in a post-production editing suite.

Hand-Outs & File Transfer

Nefsis provides videoconference hosts and presenters with a Files & Handouts feature, making it easy to distribute documents during presentations and working meetings. These features make Nefsis more and more like meeting in person with your PC at hand, or even better, because you have more scheduling flexibility and less travel time.

Better Connections & Easy Admin for IT Staff

Connection Success & Videoconference Security

Nefsis is the first IP videoconference technology to leverage multi-core, end-to-end parallel processing, Intel® processor extensions, and cloud computing to make live desktop sharing and multipoint video faster. These technology advantages dramatically reduce latency in a multipoint conference, especially over typical Internet connections. And when it comes to single-purpose, HD and telepresence rooms, Nefsis can certainly use dedicated routes and benefit from network QoS controls just like traditional room-based systems. 

With over 11 years of inter-office IP communications behind us, our customers and trial evaluators often comment Nefsis offered the best connection success rates and lowest latency times of any software they tested. Our technology enables Nefsis to traverse firewalls, proxies, VPNs, the public Internet, and private networks in multiple office environments.

Nefsis videoconference sessions enjoy password protection, as well as industry standard SSL/TLS encryption, using 3rd party, signed certificates (VeriSign). In addition to password authentication and other technical measures, the conference hosts can play video, and personally check every meeting attendee. The host can expel anyone, at anytime.

When the meeting host selects SSL/TLS security, Nefsis uses encrypted connections from end-to-end, including every connection with each participant and the conferencing server. If a secure connection cannot be established, it is not allowed. In addition, Nefsis sends all conference data — all live sharing, VoIP, and video — over one secured TCP/IP connection, ensuring that all data is secure.

For more information, please visit our secure video conferencing page, or contact us to schedule a communications security Q&A session.

Free Trial with Nefsis Online, or Install Nefsis on Your Own Network

For customers that demand more on-premise routing, user and feature controls, or FIPS 140-2 compliant security measures, Nefsis offers an on-premise video conferencing server option.

You can videoconference right now. Just click the button at right for a free trial account on Nefsis online, or contact us to install a trial copy of Nefsis Dedicated Server Edition on your own network.