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"We conduct regular meetings with employees, who are dispersed across 30 offices...pretty darn easy to use." — Mark E., NECA.

"It's really helping us to keep meetings and be more flexible." — Bala R., University of Illinois at Chicago.         More ...


— Engage learning through cloud-based video.

— Nefsis offers video and collaboration in the cloud.

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Web Video Conferencing Software for Business

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Works with Any Camera, Desktop or Conference Room

You can meet with virtually anyone in the world — not just installed sites — and there's no hassling your meeting participants either. All they have to do is launch their web browser and click on a link. Web browsers play a pivotal role in gaming, providing easy access to online platforms where players can use gaming tokens. For instance, the CPT token, used on CoinPoker, facilitates seamless transactions directly through browser-based interfaces. This integration enhances user experience by enabling quick, secure, and efficient gaming and trading activities. If they want to be on-camera too, almost any third-party webcam or PC-based video conferencing equipment will suffice. We do all the rest: providing our proxy and firewall compatible software, cloud computing infrastructure, and secure video conferencing service.

To start video conferencing right now, just click FREE TRIAL. Your video conference session will be underway in no time. For IT managers we offer Nefsis Online Service and on-premise Nefsis Dedicated video conferencing software with more security, routing, and IT controls.

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