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Nefsis Web & Multiparty Video Conferencing System Requirements

To Use Nefsis, All You Need is a PC & Broadband Internet Access

Nefsis uses industry standard web browsers and Internet connections, that traverse firewalls and proxies for business users. Nefsis is also bandwidth and video peripheral agnostic. It allows you to use any connection type, without special routing requirements, and almost any Windows compatible video source.

The quality and speed of your online meeting experience will be governed by the features you use, your PC and video hardware, and the bandwidth available to you in real-time.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows 2000, XP or later, Windows Vista preferred
  • Pentium 4 or newer
  • 512MB RAM available
  • Broadband Internet access (DSL, Cable Modem, T1, etc.)
  • DirectShow 8.1 or later compatible webcam or video input (optional, to send video)
  • DirectSound compatible audio input (optional, to send voice), and headset or speakers
  • Microsoft® PowerPoint® 97 or later to (optional, to share your PowerPoint presentations )

No proprietary hardware required. Nefsis uses widely available, Windows compatible audio and video peripherals. For details Nefsis compatible video conferencing equipment.

Automatic CPU & Bandwidth Adjustment. Nefsis monitors your processor availability and bandwidth in real-time, and adjust its capabilities and performance automatically.

Printable Data Sheet

For additional information, please refer to the Nefsis data sheet (PDF), or contact us to Schedule a Live Nefsis Demo.