Video Conferencing Webcams, Cameras & Microphones

Nefsis works with virtually any
Windows compatible audio/video peripheral

Why get stuck with expensive, proprietary hardware that requires dedicated Internet connections and limited to conferencing with like equipment?

Nefsis is broadly compatible with a wide variety of industry standard PC audio and video equipment. You can use any camera you like. Nefsis is peripheral agnostic and it automatically selects the highest quality imaging capabilities of your camera, within the limits of your Internet bandwidth.

You can mix and match ordinary webcams, conference room pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras, HD, RoundTable, PC built-in cameras ... even conference participants with no camera whatsoever, all in the same online meeting. Using Nefsis business-grade proxy and firewall compatibility, you can conference with virtually any computer and boardroom anywhere in the world using basic Internet connectivity. With a full suite of web conferencing features, you can collaborate and share data in your video conferences in ways unimaginable with typical video conferencing systems.

Recommended Hardware

The following video conferencing equipment recommendations are based on our experience with active customer installations. If you have a favorite vendor or spare camera that's Windows compatible, but is not on our recommended list, give it a try!

For PC & Laptop Users

Webcams & Cameras

Logitech® QuickCam® Pro 9000
Ideal for PCs with large LCD monitors.

  • Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000 Review with screenshots and set-up details

Logitech QuickCam Pro 5000
Ideal for PCs with large LCD monitors.


Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro
Good for PCs and laptops.


Logitech Quickcam Communicate Deluxe


Logitech Quickcam Communicate MP


Logitech Quickcam Orbit AF
For PC desktops. This camera offers pan-and-tilt tracking, it is good for speakers and trainers that move around during live meetings.


Logitech Quickcam Pro for Notebooks
Ideal for laptops.


Logitech Quickcam Deluxe for Notebooks
Ideal for laptops.


These items are Vista compatible, but require updated drivers from Logitech's website. Please click Logitech to retrieve the latest Vista compatible drivers.

Headsets with Boom Microphones

Plantronics Audio .610 single-ear USB
Plantronics Audio .470 USB
Sennheiser PC 25
Plantronics DA-40 USB to headset adapter

Designed to adapt Plantronics telephone headsets for use with a PC.

Revolabs Desktop Solo - USB

Suitable for presenters that need to be mobile during a web conference session.


External Microphones

Headsets are strongly recommended for PC and laptop users. However, if you require external microphones and speakers, no problem. Please see the echo canceller microphone section below.

For Conference Rooms & Training Facilities

Standard Definition & HD Cameras

Any standard definition video camera with an S-video output (or any high definition camera with an HDMI output cable), with a Windows compatible capture card can be used in a Nefsis video conference.

For example, the Sony D70 is a leading conference room camera, with outstanding image quality, pan, tilt, zoom, and PTZ pre-sets (useful for showrooms). This camera is a mainstay in conference and boardroom installations. Contact us for details.

Standard Definition Camera
Recommended for standard desktop users as well as conference rooms. Excellent PTZ capabilities with remote.

High Definition Camera
Sony EVI-HD1
Recommended for conference and boardrooms only. To use the high definition capabilities, an HD video capture card is required. Details below.

Logitech QuickCam Orbit

The Logitech® QuickCam® Orbit is a low-cost, USB camera with motorized tracking (panning) and auto-focus. The image quality is excellent, especially considering its price tag (US street price approximately $125). Installation is as easy as plugging in a USB cable.

Audio Equipment

Standard Echo Canceller Microphones

Phoenix Audio Solo
The Solo is recommended for small conference rooms.


Phoenix Audio Duet Executive
The Duet Executive is similar to the Duet PCS, however, the Executive model allows multiple Executive mics to be connected together (daisy chained) so it is more effective in a larger room. Please note a power outlet is required for each Executive microphone after the first unit and a small terminator must also be connected to all the Executive microphones after the first mic. Please refer to the Phoenix Audio Duet Executive review or contact us for details on this setup.


ClearOne Chat 150 Conference Room Microphone
The effective pickup range for this microphone is 10ft or less.Please remember to update your driver/firmware for this product. You can find those updates here.


Revolabs Wireless Microphone
Recommended for trainers who need to move around a room or workstations where wiring is difficult.


Revolabs Solo Wireless Microphone
The Revolabs Plug and Play Solutions are best suited for the Audio/Visual system that is not installed in the room as a permanent feature. These systems are used in small and medium-sized rooms where price and ease-of-installation are major concerns.

Omni-Directional Microphones

Revolabs Fusion 4 Channel System (Wireless)
Designed for boardrooms and conference rooms.


Revolabs Fusion 8 Channel System (Wireless)
Same as above, with additional audio pickups for large rooms.  Each microphone provides good coverage for 4 to 6 feet.


Yamaha PJP-25UR
This product features unidirectional (arms open) and omnidirectional (arms closed) pickup.  Suitable for small conference rooms.


Omni-Directional Shure MX393 Tabletop Microphone
The Tabletop Mic is perfect for teleconferencing applications that demand high-performance audio quality. The small size makes these mics ideal for conference tables that require minimum-visibility microphones.


Shure MX393
Microflex models from Shure, the smartest boundary microphones yet. Equipped with features like programmable, silent membrane switches, logic inputs and outputs, and LED indicators, Microflex Boundary microphones are the high-quality solution for a range of applications, such as altars, boardrooms and distance learning centers. Every Microflex Boundary microphone features a choice of interchangeable condenser cartridges.

USB Microphones

ClearOne Chat 50 USB Personal Conference Phone
For use with laptops and desktop computers(8 ft maximum effective range). Please remember to update your driver/firmware for this product. You can find those updates here.


Phoenix Audio Duet PCS
The PCS is recommended for small conference rooms.


Echo Cancellation Mixers

Headsets with earpieces and boom microphones are strongly recommended for desktop users, but in conference rooms, boardrooms and some training facilities, external speakers are required. In these cases, echo cancelling audio inputs are required.

The ClearOne product line is a mainstay in high-end video conferencing and telepresence installations, with multiple inputs, mixing, and standard audio out. It is suitable for medium and large boardrooms and applications where the highest quality is required. Almost every telepresence installation uses ClearOne audio equipment.

For small conference rooms, tabletop units with speakers and built-in echo cancelling mics are available from Phoenix Audio, Yamaha and others. The best choice depends on your budget, the size of your conference room and the application. The staff at Nefsis helps customers to configure A/V peripherals for boardrooms and conference rooms. Please contact us for assistance or a PDF of compatible video conferencing equipment and standard configuration guides.

ClearOne Converge 560/590
The Converge 560 and 590 conferencing systems deliver optimum audio performance and configuration flexibility for medium-sized rooms requiring up to nine microphones. They feature innovative microphone distribution boxes that deliver significant cost savings and flexibility for users.


3 x ClearOne Mic - Unidirectional Table Top Design


3.5 mm (M) - RCA (M) Y-Adapter


RCA (M) - RCA (F)

  Nefsis and ClearOne Converge Setup Diagram

Video Conferencing Accessories & Specialty Equipment

Tripods and Wall Mounts for Sony Cameras

Wall Mount
Sony WM-30B Wall Mount
Recommended for conference rooms.

Davis and Sanford 64" Tripod
Recommended for conference rooms. Ideal for "floor top" installations that require tripods that can be moved.

Velbon DF-10ml 25" Tripod
Ideal for placing camera on a table top, such as workstation users that need pan-tilt-zoom cameras, or conference rooms that cannot use wall mounts.

PC Video Capture Cards

ViewCast Osprey 210 PCI Video Capture Card
We recommend the Osprey-210 video capture card or better to be used in conjunction with the Sony EVI D70.
*This item is not Vista compatible

VisionTek TV Wonder 650 PCI Video Capture Card
*Compatible with Windows XP and Vista

VisionTek TV Wonder 650 Combo
PCI-Express 1x Video Capture Card

*Compatible with Windows XP and Vista

Blackmagic Decklink HD Extreme (For Sony EVI-HD1)
*Compatible with Windows XP and Vista

USB Audio Sound Cards

USB Digital to Analog Converter USB Sound Card with Line-Input
Windows XP / Vista 32/64 Bit Compatible. Full-duplex playback/recording for PCs that are without any kind of sound card.

USB Video Capture Cards

USB 2.0 Video Capture Device
Ideal companion for your portable audio/video application.
*When purchasing a USB video capture device, be sure to select a USB 2.0 device, and check for Vista compatibility (if required).

Windows Vista Compatible Video Capture Cards

Decklink SD (PCI or PCIe) for analog video only

  • Compatible with XP and Vista.
  • Available in PCI or PCIe slot format.
  • Uses BNC connections.
  • Must configure the Decklink card to use the NTSC/PAL (Y in).
  • Video camera or any device used to output video must support s-video of composite connector.
  • Compatible connectors.

Video devices using RCA/Composite output, customer must purchase the following converter. Video devices using s-video output, this converter will be needed. Please contact us if you have any question concerning acquiring the appropriate cables and adapters.

Decklink Extreme for HD (PCIe only)

Compatible with XP and Vista. Requires a 4 lane PCIe slot. Intended for HD video. Uses BNC connection when connected to the Sony EVI-HD1 camera.

Note: For other HD cameras, please check the camera and Decklink Extreme manual for a connector that is compatible between the two devices. Blackmagic Intensity Pro – HDMI for digital video and component video for analog video

  • Compatible with XP and Vista.
  • Requires 1 lane PCIe
  • HDMI connection only
  • Video camera must support HDMI

Cables & Jacks

12' S-Video Cable

Phone Recording Adapter/Jack
The DynaMetric Web Conference Recording adapter plugs in quickly and easily between your handset or headset and the telephone base. The adapters then connect to your computer's soundcard and all the audio present on the phone during your web conference will be recorded using the recording feature.

Please Note: This adapter is not compatible with "Princess" or Trim-Line style phones where the dial pad is in the handset. This product will not work on some GE phones. Please contact DynaMetric for a list of compatible GE phone models.

Example Conference Room Configurations

Type 1 - Standard Conference Room With Solo Mic
Type 2 - Standard Conference Room Setup With Converge Mixer

Need assistance with video conferencing equipment? Feel free to click the button below for additional information or assistance configuring your desktop or conference room. You can also schedule a live demo to see multipoint video from any of the cameras mentioned on this page.

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