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The Best Video Conferencing Online Services for Business

Nefsis provides the best Internet video conferencing online service (SaaS) using standard PCs, Internet connections, and widely available PC video peripherals.

Nefsis combines years of improving secure connection success rates so you can meet online with virtually any business desktop or conference room in the world, anytime, anywhere, on-demand.

With Nefsis you can use almost any webcam or PC video peripheral, or even no camera at all. This includes webcams, pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) conference room cameras, High Definition (HD) cameras, even output from specialized video devices such as hand-held cameras, document cameras, factory floor and medical imaging equipment. You can mix and match different cameras in the same online meeting, even change your camera selection on-the-fly. Nefsis maximizes the quality of your video conferencing experience, which is limited only by the video capture hardware and bandwidth available to each participant.

Nefsis continuously optimizes your PC processing power, bandwidth, and its state-of-the-art server cloud, so you can enjoy high-speed, high-quality video conferencing right from your own desktop. No more expensive hardware, network re-engineering and months-long implementations. Nefsis uses standard peripherals, runs over existing networks, and is ready to start your trial right now.

To give it a try, start a free trial today, no credit card required.

Internet Video Conferencing Features:


Easy to Start, Easy to Use

You can use Nefsis without any training at all. All you do is click into your conference room, and it prompts you to invite colleagues, activate audio and video, and share materials — as needed, and when needed for your online meetings.

And when it comes to using headsets and webcams, Nefsis helps there too. Nefsis uses pictorial assists for selecting the best device, and it even warns you if a headset or webcam is already in use by another application.

Nefsis automatically tunes your microphone, so you are instantly productive with voice over IP (VoIP).

In addition, experienced meeting hosts can even help new participants because the host can see who has what device by glancing at their user list, and talking them through device selection or, with approval, help them via remote control.

No guesswork, no frustration, it's easy.

The Best Multipoint Video in an Online Service

Nefsis was designed for multipoint video conferencing, and does not slow down as you add more video participants or start live sharing. Nefsis technology automatically adjusts video quality for each participant based on their individual, second-to-second bandwidth and CPU availability.

To suit online meeting styles, rooms, and preferences, Nefsis makes it easy to choose among default, tiled, floating, and picture-in-picture video layouts.

How Multipoint Video Works
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Multiparty Voice Over the Internet (VoIP)

Now you can hang up the phone and use Nefsis VoIP for audio conferencing. Wideband audio clarity is far better than the telephone, and you can see who's talking because their video frame and name are highlighted in green.

Nefsis uses standard audio inputs, including headsets for laptops and desktops, plus echo cancelling microphones and external speakers for conference rooms. Nefsis pictorial device selection and automatic audio input tuning will have you conferencing in seconds. 

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Any Camera — Webcam to HD

No Traditional Restrictions Like Matching Equipment

There's no need to match similar hardware, use any video peripheral you like — participants just click on a conference link, it's that easy.

In previous generations of technology, a video conferencing end-point could only connect to the same or matched model. Not anymore. With Nefsis, you can hold a video meeting and each participant can use any peripheral they want. In some meetings, say a sales presentation, the viewing participants may have no camera at all, they just watch the presentation.

Nefsis provides this flexibility by taking advantage of the growing popularity of USB webcams and HD video peripherals, all of which can be used in a conference.

Using Nefsis, you get the benefits of low cost and reliability from off-the-shelf video peripherals, and you can switch equipment at anytime, without long-term hardware obligations.

Peripherals v. Traditional Solutions
• Same image resolution
• Far lower cost
• Can be used by other applications
• With Nefsis:
   - no need to match equipment
   - no MUXs/MCUs required for multipoint
   - can use any Internet connection type

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Any Desktop, Any Room

Here's how: Nefsis uses common video input peripherals, variable bitrate encoding, advanced parallel processing and automated throttling to manage different equipment, processor availability, and mismatched bandwidth. Add to that firewall traversal, proxy support, and the Nefsis connection optimizer, and you can conference with virtually any PC desktop or conference room in the world.

Nefsis supports multi-monitor desktops and conference rooms, so you can float the videos on one monitor, while sharing applications and desktops on the other.

In a boardroom environment, Nefsis is compatible with multi-microphone mixers, amps, and speakers — the same hardware used by telepresence studio vendors — providing a complete "immersive" experience in your video conference.

How Multipoint Video Works
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A Full-Suite of Built-In, Live Sharing Features


More Interactive & Productive Online Meetings

Nefsis delivers a full-suite of web conferencing features, including: multipoint video conferencing; web conferencing; and business-grade video conferencing security.

So, you can see, shout, wave your arms, draw, share documents, applications and desktops — Nefsis lets you work the way you want, so you can convey your ideas and have more interactive and productive online meetings.

Desktop Sharing
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Document & PowerPoint Presentation Sharing

The PowerPoint® presentation sharing feature lets you present any PowerPoint slideshow anytime, no staging or file conversions are required.

Enjoy crisp, thumbnail previews of each slide, so you can easily go back and forth as you like. Everyone sees beautifully rendered PowerPoint transitions, graphics and rich-text, not grainy screen-grabs.

For high-quality online presentations, Nefsis is the way to go.

PowerPoint Sharing
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Share Desktops, Media Files & More ...

Sharing complicated ideas or visual information with Nefsis is easy. You can use browser, region, application or desktop sharing. Everyone has the same view, and you can get real work done in your online meetings using tools you already have on your PC.

You can use pointers and highlighting tools, and annotate documents and presentations. You can even annotate over live applications (see screenshot at top-right). Nefsis also features remote control, so you can share keyboard and mouse inputs for online collaboration.

Nefsis is so advanced, you can play a media file, watch everyone's reaction, and discuss it in real-time. Everyone gets the same experience simultaneously, just as if you were watching the movie in a conference room.

Desktop Sharing
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IT Friendly

Firewall & Proxy Compatible

Nefsis complies with proxy and firewall security standards, providing excellent connectivity for inter-office and business-to-business online meetings. Products designed for local area network (LAN) environments and peer-to-peer (P2P) video conferencing do not work for multiple users behind their own firewalls.

For IT managers concerned about security, Nefsis also features conference passwords and industry standard SSL/TLS encryption for security.

Please contact us for additional information regarding Nefsis secure video conferencing, including options for on-premise software, and customer certificate and PKI integration.

Special Compatibility Features:

Nefsis was designed for video conferencing with Windows Vista, with a large tool ribbon, pictures of each feature, skins, transparency and glass effects. There are many applications that run on Vista, but very few like Nefsis that let you take full advantage of Microsoft Aero and flip 3D displays. Nefsis is also compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 7 (64 bit).

In addition, Nefsis is compatible with the Microsoft Office applications suite, and Microsoft OC (Office Communications Server).

Nefsis is HD-ready. If your bandwidth ceiling allows it, you can use off-the-shelf, high definition equipment and enjoy HD video conferencing. Nefsis lets you mix webcams, standard definition and HD — all in the same video conference.

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