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Nefsis Video Conferencing Quick Start Movies, Tutorials & Pocket Reference

Quick Start Movies & Guides

Nefsis is as easy to learn as 1-2-3! Most users just start experimenting with Nefsis to learn how it works. It's easy to click the tabs and tool buttons to see what they do.

Nefsis is designed around the natural process for running an online meeting, the tool buttons and features are presented as you need them.

In addition to experimenting with Nefsis features, see also our Video Tutorials below, and our Quick Start pocket reference guide to the right.

Download Our Quick Start Pocket Reference Guide
For Nefsis Tray Icon Users (PDF)
For Browser Users (PDF)
A one-page, pocket reference on how to start your own Nefsis online meetings

Quick Start Video Tutorials

How to Start an Online Meeting, Invite Others
and Activate Audio & Video

(Run time 1 minute, 5 seconds)

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How to Share Documents and Presentations
(Run time 1 minute, 9 seconds)

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How to Adjust Audio, Video and Layouts
(Run time 1 minute, 13 seconds)

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How to Record a Conference
(Run time 1 minute, 10 seconds)

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More Features & Advanced Tutorials

New Windows Vista Look & Feel
Using the new Vista-style tool ribbon and application button
(Run time 41 seconds)

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Managing Users in Your Nefsis Online Meeting
Right-click on anyone on the participant list for detailed info, promote to presenter, or expel
(Run time 1 minute, 11 seconds)

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Beyond Default Settings — Adjusting Video
How to change video resolution, quality and frame rates for the whole meeting, or one user at a time
(Run time 1 minute, 43 seconds)

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Beyond Default Settings — Adjusting Audio
How to change audio quality settings in your online meeting room
(Run time 2 minutes)

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Feel free to contact us for free Nefsis training or assistance with any of the features above.