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Nefsis Web, VoIP & Multiparty Video Meetings

Group Collaboration Software by Nefsis

Nefsis takes group collaboration software to a whole new level delivering full-featured web conferencing, multiparty video conferencing, and a seamless live sharing environment for easy, enjoyable online meetings.

A complete suite of live sharing features and point-and-click menus add to the rich web and video conferencing experience, making Nefsis web collaboration software the fastest and easiest way to improve productivity and communication for your global business. You have a unified, and easy-to-use collaboration tool that takes only minutes to activate and use.

What Sets Nefsis Apart? Speed!

Nefsis is distinguished by its full-featured collaboration suite, ease-of-use, and especially speed.

It is the first group collaboration software technology to use multicore, end-to-end parallel processing and cloud computing to accelerate desktop sharing and live video, across a multiparty session. Nefsis also uses on-the-fly connection technology developed over 11 years in multi-office environments, traversing firewalls, proxies, VPN's, the public Internet and private networks. Our customers report that Nefsis offers the best connection success rates and lowest latency times of any collaboration, web, VoIP and video conferencing software tool they tested.

Web Collaboration Software Brings It All Together: Web Conferencing, Multipoint Video & Desktop Sharing


Easy-to-Use Sharing Menu

Nefsis provides a tool ribbon with pictures of each feature, with a mouse-over description, for easy exploration of the tool bar and all collaborative features. Since Nefsis group collaboration software uses standard browsers, web links and even point-and-click menus for the host, it's instantly familiar to anyone accustomed to office applications. This makes it easy for inter-office meetings, training and sales teams to have scheduled or impromptu online meetings and project reviews anytime, anywhere.

Document Collaboration & PowerPoint Come Alive with Annotation

Documents as well as PowerPoint presentations are easily viewed in Nefsis, with rich raster graphics, and clear, sharp vector-graphic and text displays. It is a quality viewing experience, delivering the same display as intended by the document author.

Nefsis has thumbnail previews of each PowerPoint slide or Word Document page, so you can jump to any slide in your presentation. You, and any participant you choose, can make annotations and use the pointer tools to highlight important information for your viewers.

Anyone familiar with surfing the Web or using office applications will be immediately productive with Nefsis.

Full Application Sharing, When And Where You Need It

Save valuable employee time, while expanding customer relationships using online meetings and application sharing instead of expensive in-person travel to communicate complex ideas. The best web collaboration software has seamlessly integrated desktop, application, and region sharing (part your desktop) to convey visual information, along with high-quality VoIP and video to capture the human dynamics of your meetings.

One simple click of the tool bar, and you can share your complete desktop, an application, or a region. Application sharing shows the full-view of an application, while Region Sharing lets you control which portion of your screen is visible to prospective clients or associates.

Whiteboard and Text Chat To Help Everyone Get On The Same Page

The presenter can share a whiteboard. Any meeting participant granted annotation rights can mark-up the whiteboard. All participants see changes in real-time.
  • Cut, copy & paste any item onto the white-board, including images
  • Set color, width, opacity
  • Text edit, rotate, resize
  • Line tool
  • Pen tool
  • Arrow tool
  • Shape tool
  • Pointers and more

When you need your information and personnel resources to come together, Nefsis collaboration software can give you the tools that you need to get on the same page with your entire team; whether they are in-house, outside consultants, across town, or around the world. Teams, departments and groups can communicate and collaborate with ease using PCs and Internet connections they already have, and easy-to-use online whiteboarding features.

Text chat takes adds another tool to make large, or more formal meetings easier to manage. The meeting host can activate a chat session among hosts-only, presenters, or all participants. This is often used during the presentation to give the main speaker cues, or during the Q&A session to solicit questions from the audience.

The Safety Net Made Easy

User & IT Controls

Whether you are running a small, inter-office meeting, or hosting a large web event, you have full control of your session. You can control all the audio and video features (off by default), promoting users to presenters, and who has annotation rights. You can also expel users from your online meeting.

If passing or requesting keyboard and mouse control during desktop and application sharing is needed, Nefsis always prompts the remote participant for authorization.

The features of Nefsis collaboration software controls are easy to use; all displayed in the host's toolbar for quick click control options.

Collaboration Security & Private Online Meetings

Nefsis provides full proxy and firewall compatible network connections among multiple business users; a necessity for group collaboration across multiple corporate offices.

Conference hosts may choose conference room password protection and secure conferencing. When using secure conference settings, all users are required to establish an SSL3/TLS encrypted connection, prior to entering into your conference room. All data, live sharing, web, VoIP and video, are transmitted over a single, SSL3/TLS encrypted connection, protecting your web collaboration session from unwanted eavesdropping.

Fully Interactive Group Collaboration Software

File Transfer, Media Sharing, Record and Playback — Like Meeting in Person

The ability to send a file to all of your participants before closing your online meeting is a solid time saving tool in a group collaborative environment. In addition, the host can record a meeting, including all video, VoIP, and live sharing information. This 'first time, one-time' scenario allows project managers and senior technical support staff to escalate and close issues in one online meeting. Record and playback helps anyone to review the meeting, fill in absent employees, and to save the session for training in the future.

Save Time While You Enjoy Good Teamwork

Being engaged and active in a project are critical components for the motivation of your employees and the competitive edge of your business. With Nefsis group collaboration software, you can create a seamless exchange of ideas in a proactive team environment.

You and your employees can whiteboard a project, actively show changes to everyone, and openly discuss the ramifications regardless of physical location. The productivity and inspiration between employees rises to a new level.

With Nefsis, you can save time, money and create a positive and collaborative workplace.

This screenshot shows application sharing with live annotation in the default layout, with one floating video. The floating video feature is useful for conference rooms and other scenarios where dual monitors are available.

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