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+ Plug-n-Play Peripherals = Affordability

Videoconference Software for Business

When you need videoconference software that moves with the speed of competitive business, Nefsis makes it easy to start and run online meetings with high-quality, multiparty video, with anyone, anytime, anywhere. Nefsis is available as on-premise software (Dedicated Server) and scalable online service (Software-as-a-Service).

Getting Started

With Nefsis videoconference software, all you need is a PC, standard Internet connection, and your choice of PC video peripheral. Any standard webcam works well with Nefsis, and if you do not currently have a webcam or any video conferencing hardware, you can still join anonline meeting and use all the other features such as PC audio (VoIP), text chat, live white boarding, annotation and more.

Videoconference Ease of Use Gets Even Easier!

With the point-and-click capabilities of Nefsis, you can have your videoconference with no prior experience at all. One simple click into your conference room and you are prompted to invite your participants, turn on your audio and video devices, and start sharing anything accessible to your PC. No guesswork is involved; Nefsis makes sure that everything you need is readily visible and easily understandable. Large tool buttons with graphics and mouse-overs (feature descriptions that automatically appear when you put your mouse nearby) put you in control of your videoconference in seconds.

As a host, you can choose many different layouts for your online meeting, allowing you to control your participants view and enjoy the best interactive experience. You can choose default, tiled, floating windows, or picture-in-picture layouts to create the collaboration environment that you need.

Moore's Law & Videoconference Software

It's no secret that Moore's Law has made common desktop computers extraordinarily powerful. Today, even laptops are capable of rendering high-definition video. Core2 Duo’s are common, soon quad-core and then more scalable processors will be the norm. Nefsis software brings parallel processing and cloud computing to the video conferencing industry. By using software technology, PC's and existing network connections, Nefsis eliminates the need for point-to-point hardware, and thus dramatically reduces the cost of this once-expensive business application.

While processors were getting more powerful, mass production in consumer economies spilled into the video conferencing industry, delivering plug-and-play video peripherals to desktops. Logitech alone has shipped over 50 million webcams. With good software such as Nefsis, these cameras are easily capable of full-motion, multipoint video. No MCU's, MUX's, or custom hardware required — PC-based peripherals and good software does it all.


HD Ready — Desktop to Boardroom

You can easily use Nefsis software for desktops, and when convenient for you, use Nefsis HD video conferencing for boardrooms and training facilities too. You don't need to worry about matching equipment. Use any video device on any connection, and Nefsis software takes care of the rest.

In this screenshot, we see a multipoint videoconference between a desktop user and a boardroom, the latter using an HD video camera. Nefsis automatically optimizes video mixing, quality, and bandwidth, responding to real-time changes among meeting participants, CPU availability, and each individual's network connection.

The Clarity of Wideband, Multiparty Audio

Now you can eliminate expensive teleconferencing expenses, feedback loops, and one-way speakerphones
that don't let other parties interject when the speaker goes on too long.

Nefsis takes PC audio and voice-over-IP (VoIP) to a whole new level. It uses advanced, wideband encoding and compression techniques, delivering lifelike audio clarity that is unavailable via standard phone lines. This can be especially important when sharing media files with audio tracks outside the range of human voice. Nefsis audio capabilities are multipoint, full-duplex, so you can enjoy teamwork and lively interaction just like meeting in-person.

In addition, you can see who is speaking as their name is visually highlighted in green, on the Nefsis participant user list, making it easy for you to know all of your business participants and address them properly. Whether you use a headset, webcam microphone, or a string of conference room microphones and speakers, Nefsis makes high-quality audio a smooth component of your online meeting experience.

Videoconference Session with Built-in Live Sharing Software

With Nefsis, you can have online meetings with optimum input from all your participants. Audio and video-rich Nefsis allows you to work efficiently and more productively in an interactive environment. You can share desktops, applications, virtually any document includingPowerPoint presentations, with dozens or hundreds of participants with point-and-click simplicity. Your participants can use the annotation and highlighting tools, and in a time-saving video conference you can get your project reviews completed the first time through. Share your applications, desktop, or just about anything accessible to your PC; it's all about accessing and sharing what you want, when you want it. Nefsis videoconference software provides you with the most effective way to meet and be successful.

With the power of Nefsis, you can share your PowerPoint file and rest assured your conference participants get a quality presentation. There are no grainy screen captures with Nefsis, only the actual presentation in a crisp, clear display, just as the author intended. Nefsis has thumbnail previews of your slides just a click away, so you have visual cues for going back-and-forth in your slide deck. Whether you are displaying a PowerPoint presentation, a Windows media file, an application, or your entire desktop, Nefsis video conferencing software puts you in command of your rich-media content. Your graphics, text and movies are clear and clean to everyone, just as you see them.

More about our web conferencing features and collaboration software...

IT Friendly

Easy to Install, Maintain & Secure

Nefsis is easy to install, and even easier to activate as a Software-as-a-Service subscription. Starting a free trial can take less than two minutes. Nefsis also works hard to make company-wide deployments simple and easy. Free customer training, intuitive user interface layouts, video tutorials and online guides are all available to help Nefsis customers make this self-service application available to their network users. The Nefsis cloud automates all video conferencing software updates and upgrades. If you require it, the dedicated server option gives you more granular control over users, features and routing. Please visit our video conferencing server page, or contact us for details.

Nefsis is a secure web and video conferencing application, providing meeting hosts with options for online meeting passwords and SSL3/TLS encrypted connections.

Refined over 11 years in battle-proven, multi-office environments, Nefsis firewall and proxy traversal provides the industry's highest initial connection success rates to virtually any business desktop worldwide. Our customers use Nefsis over public and private networks, LANs, WANs and VPNs.

Office, Outlook, OC & Media Player Compatible Video Conferencing Software

For Microsoft IT shops, Nefsis delivers a leading-edge experience and broad applications compatibility. Nefsis videoconference software has native support for Windows Vista, which allows you to enjoy the full scope of Microsoft Aero, flip 3D displays, transparency, and glass effects while sharing desktops and applications in Nefsis. Nefsis also gives you compatibility with the full Microsoft Office applications suite, all Office documents, Microsoft OC, OC Server, and Windows Media Player for live media sharing — by far the industry's best support for Microsoft in a videoconference and live sharing environment. More...

Working On The Greener Side — Save Your Money and the Environment

The 'green computing' qualities of Nefsis give you the power to meet online and collaborate with anyone around the world, saving travel-related greenhouse gas emissions and thousands of travel dollars. While you are being productive in business, you are also being proactively 'green'.

Advanced Software & White Glove Service

Starting a free trial nd experimenting with Nefsis videoconference software is easy, you'll be up and running in minutes.

You can also schedule a live demo, to see Nefsis in action when most convenient for you. If you have any questions about bandwidth, security, on-premise software options, or bridging existing equipment, we invite you to contact us. We cover these topics every day, making video conferencing easier and more affordable for our customers.

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