A Polycom Comparison: Alternative Video Conferencing Software

Nefsis Commentary — April, 2009 — This Nefsis commentary compares Polycom and traditional, hardware-based boardroom video conferencing systems such as the HDX 7000, 8000, 9000, QDX and Viewstation VSX. Strong alternatives to Polycom such as Nefsis leverage the power of multicore desktops and widely available PC video peripherals to deliver high-quality, multipoint video conferencing at a fraction of the cost. And for many customers, it's not either or, many use both.

An Alternative to Polycom '80's Systems Architecture

It seems that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Decades ago, a video conferencing system consisted of a TV set hooked up to a codec box. Advancements in PC computing power, microprocessor architecture and compression technology have made the proprietary codec box obsolete.

Yet, despite this dramatic technological evolution, the majority of video conferencing systems from companies such as Polycom still employ the same archaic systems architecture as used in the '80's & '90's.

Take Advantage of Your CPU Power

With today's technology, an off-the-shelf PC running Nefsis can outperform a Polycom video codec while simultaneously delivering applications such as file sharing, media sharing, side-bar chat, white boarding, instant messaging, record and playbackand a host of other functions far beyond PVX that greatly enhance the video conferencing experience.

Most importantly, Nefsis provides the ability to conference the desktop user as a peer to a room system. Any user, anywhere (home office, hotel, airport) can participate in meetings as if they were in the same room with people thousands of miles away.

There's no need to travel to a room equipped with video conferencing, travel is eliminated completely. Isn't that one of the goals of a video conferencing system?

Why Does Nefsis Outperform Polycom?

Cost Benefit

Consumer and personal computing economies have dramatically reduced the cost of PC video peripherals for the same CIF/VGA, SD and HD resolutions used in video conferencing.

In addition to a lower initial investment than Polycom, just imagine how much more you'll save with built-in features such as application, desktopPowerPoint Sharing and more.

Multi-Core Processing

The Nefsis solution is architected to capitalize on multi-core processors that run in standard, off-the-shelf PCs. Developers of video conferencing codec boxes such as Polycom operate on a code base that was developed in the days of single core processors. Nefsis is designed to share processing responsibilities among multiple cores which results in significantly higher processing efficiency and power. This is one of the primary reasons why Nefsis can deliver superior HD quality video and a host of additional conferencing features from an off-the-shelf PC.

Cloud Computing Network Delivery

The network delivery of your conference will have as big an impact on the experience as the equipment. This is why Nefsis provides a true, massively distributed cloud for unrivaled quality in multipoint video conferencing. The Nefsis cloud constantly adapts to changing conditions on the Internet, as well as your local network, delivering the highest quality experience possible for your multipoint video conference.

What About Camera, Speakers, etc...

Nefsis is compatible with most all off-the-shelf video conferencing equipment. Including the new Polycom CX5000 roundtable camera. From USB compatible devices to PC capture cards and HD boardroom cameras, Nefsis will make the most of new and existing peripherals.

What About High Definition Video?

Not only is Nefsis capable of delivering up to 720p and 1080i, at 30 frames per second, support for HD comes at no extra charge! The same code base that was developed to leverage multicore desktops delivers both standard definition and high definition video.

How About Inviting, Scheduling and Establishing a Video Conference?

Operating Nefsis is simple. You don't need a control panel, you have the power of the PC at your fingertips. Setting up a meeting is as easy as sending an email. Once you're in the conference, you can change the layout of your screens, adjust frame rates, share information, run media players and other applications effortlessly.

So, Why Take Our Word...

Nefsis is a software and online service solution that delivers high-quality video conferencing with a full suite of web conferencing features, all wrapped up in an intuitive user interface. It's capable of supporting
conference rooms and desktops, webcams to HD.

If you're used to traditional, fixed-site systems, this may sound too too good to be true. But there's no need to take our word for it.You can Schedule a Live Demo, or even better, Start a FREE Trial today!