Innovative Web Based Video Conferencing Design Leverages the Worldwide Web

Nefsis offers the best, web-based video conferencing experience for your online meetings, anytime or anywhere. Our unique video conferencing software and online service is designed for fully interactive, productive meetings, from laptop computers, PC desktops, conference rooms, or anywhere you have a web browser and Internet access. With multipoint video and a full-suite of conferencing tools, your web-based video conferencing session has everything needed for successful online meetings.

Connect, collaborate and be productive right now, just click free trial to get started with Nefsis online. To install Nefsis on your own corporate network, please contact us regarding Nefsis Dedicated Server Edition.

Industry Standard Browsers, Internet Access & Cameras

Nefsis uses industry standard web browsers, conference hyperlinks (URLs), SSL/TLS connections, security protocols, and broadly available video conferencing hardware, to make it easy for IT managers to test, activate and maintain web-based video conferencing for their employees. Moreover, the use of industry standards makes it easier to manage, removes single points of failure, and reduces the cost of video conferencing deployments. With Nefsis, you can go beyond postage-stamp, webinar-quality video, and point-to-point limitations inherent in room-based systems, and get multipoint, HD video conferencing across desktops, boardrooms and training facilities — anywhere you have web browsers and video inputs.

Advanced Technology for Faster Video Conferencing

Better Web Connections

Nefsis advanced communications technology incorporates over a decade of experience in successful multiple office installations, including firewall and proxy traversal, QoS compatibility, security and IT policy compliance, and most importantly for a conferencing product, very high successful connection rates. The Nefsis connection sequence covers thousands of PC, browser and connection-type combinations, even vendor specific optimization for browsers, firewalls, and proxies. If you are tired of seeing "Cannot Connect to Conference," now is a good time to try Nefsis.

Low Roundtrip Latency

During the join-a-meeting connection sequence, Nefsis often detects multiple potential connection methods, and picks the fastest method for this application. Once everyone gets connected, Nefsis sails above all other web based video conferencing solutions at faster speed. That's a strong statement, but consider the following: Nefsis is the first and only cloud-based, video conferencing online service, connecting you to the best, nearby server, with the lowest roundtrip latency; Nefsis is the only end-to-end, multi-core distributed processing solution, using all the cores and multimedia processor extensions on your desktop; and Nefsis automatically throttles video quality, processor availability, and bandwidth consumption, making your video conference experience more pleasant. The speed and quality of your multipoint video is limited only by the video camera input and the bandwidth available to each participant in real-time. You can use Nefsis with dedicated network routes and create a complete HD or telepresence room, or use it for desktop video conferencing with your customers anywhere in the world.

No matter the connection type or the peripherals used, Nefsis is always working hard to deliver the best frame rate and smoothest video possible.

Superior Multipoint Video with Any Camera

Nefsis is the technology leader in PC-based audio and video peripheral support. You can use any video conferencing hardware you like, Logitech and Creative Labs webcams, Sony HD cameras, Polycom and Tandberg cameras, and specialty devices of all kinds including tabletop document cameras and medical imaging devices. Any device or capture card with DirectShow output can be used. Our software incorporates deep experience with these devices, and our goal is to allow you to use any equipment you want. Our sales and technical support staff are experts with these peripherals, please contact us with any desktop or conference room requirements you may have.

Acoustic Echo Cancellation

Nefsis also has built-in acoustic echo cancellation (AEC), automatic gain control (AGC) and noise reduction, so you can use headsets or webcam microphones with external speakers. Nefsis supports hardware-based echo cancellation equipment too, so you can take advantage of boardroom components, multiple pickups, mixers, amplifiers and in-wall speakers. These advanced features and broad equipment compatibility bring natural sound and synchronized audio and video into your online meetings.

With Nefsis, you don't have to worry about matching connection speeds and video equipment anymore. Your participants just click on a link and Nefsis takes it from there.

Optimized for Web Based Sales, Training, and Multiple Office Conferencing

Nefsis provides a full-suite of web based video conferencing tools to give you the easiest and most interactive meeting possible. With superior audio and video quality, participants can use any peripheral and start conferencing right away. Nefsis has built-in document and PowerPoint sharing, browser, desktop, region, and application sharing, as well as white boarding and text chat.

These features include a quick highlighting and annotation tool that works with any document, whiteboard or shared application, allowing presenters and participants to be even more efficient. Host meeting controls and industry standard security protocols enable managers to run open meetings for sales and customer support, while providing the options for secure internal, multiple office meetings.

Easy for New Users

Click Into Something More Comfortable

Once you get started with Nefsis, you can launch the application right from a desktop shortcut or Nefsis tray icon, and get right into your own virtual meeting room right away.

Once there, Nefsis will give you simple prompts so that you can invite participants, start audio and video, and share documents or live applications. Your invitees simply click on a hyperlink that was automatically included in your email invitation, and immediately join you in your conference room.

You can take your conference one step further, by customizing the standard welcome screen with your own name, logo, colors and more.

Impromptu Meetings

Web based video conferencing must provide the easy tools for network users and impromptu meetings, and smooth deployments for IT staff. That's where we believe Nefsis is a step above all the rest. It takes just one or two-clicks to get into your own conference room, and a simple hyperlink sent via email or IM for your participants to join you. The Nefsis user interface generally follows web browser and general office applications behavior, making it easy for network users to become immediately productive with Nefsis. Nefsis also provides prompts for inviting users and sharing material, in the general order they are needed for successful online meetings.

The Nefsis tool ribbon shows pictures of each feature. If you haven't used a feature before, a quick mouse-over displays a short description. Many new customers decline our free training offer, as the conferencing and live sharing features are simple and straight-forward.

Web Conference Tools for Advanced Users

Nefsis packs tons of features for advanced users that want to take their online meetings to the next level. You can share desktops and applications, request remote control, and annotate over live, shared applications (not just static documents and presentations).

Nefsis offers conference-wide and individual user audio and visual controls, host controls for managing multiple presenters, and more, including file transfer, hand-outs, live media sharing (movie files) and conference recording. You have all the tools you need for formal settings, larger online meetings, and major online project reviews.

Online Meeting Hand-Outs

Emulating a typical in-person meeting, Nefsis let's you pass around hand-outs after your presentation, so that colleagues can save it for use at a later time. You can use the Hand-Outs feature with any file accessible to you via your desktop computer, to select users or everyone in your online meeting.

A separate feature, called File Transfer, let's you transfer files or folders from one computer to another. This can be very useful in helpdesk applications. Note all Nefsis features are for live, attended applications; all file transfers, whether to or from, require user approval. There are no unattended file transfers in Nefsis.

Record & Playback

In order to review meeting contents or update colleagues who were unable to attend your web based video conference, Nefsis has a Record and Playback feature for meeting hosts. The recording feature captures all audio, video and shared displays for future reference. Your conference recording can be saved in industry standard formats such as Macromedia Flash and Windows AVI for later cropping and editing.

Share Movie Files (WMV)

Have you ever wanted to share a movie file in an online meeting? With Nefsis, now you can. The Share Media File feature lets you play any WMV file, and almost any file that can be used with Windows Media Player. You can pause, skip, rewind and resume the media file in real-time, and your participants get the same audio and video frames you do. You and your participants are free to interact while the movie file is playing, making comments, asking questions and so on. The ability to share media files can be especially helpful in training and product demonstrations (e.g., medical procedures, industrial equipment, hazardous materials and so on).

FREE Trial

You can start your free trial right now, using Nefsis online services. For a trial copy of Nefsis video conferencing server software, please contact us.

You can also schedule a live demo to see any of the features mentioned above, a live, multiple-office session, or any video device in action. The staff at Nefsis are here to help.