Enjoy State-of-the-Art Multiparty Video Conferencing using Common Browsers, Web Cams and Audio/Video Gear

Nefsis is the next generation, on-demand video conferencing system. It provides high-quality, multiparty video conferencing using PCs, browsers and webcams. The power of standard plug-in peripherals and the easy point-and-click interface empowers businesses of all sizes, and all employees, to run their own video conferences, complete with desktop and presentation sharing and more.

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Features of Nefsis Video Conferencing Services

Easy Point-and-Click Interface

Nefsis uses standard browsers and web links; and for meeting hosts, a point-and-click interface. The layout is immediately familiar to anyone who uses office applications, and the default audio/video settings work for our most popular applications—inter-office meetings, training and sales.

The tool ribbon has pictures of each feature and every one has a mouse-over description, making it easy to explore new capabilities. For participants it's even easier, all they do is click on a link.

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Multiple Video Layouts

Nefsis supports a wide variety of meeting styles. For many, the default layout works fine, you don't have to do anything, it's selected for you. For others, the video-only layout, with tiled, floating, and picture-in-picture features works better.

You can take advantage of floating videos and move them around on dual monitors, large conference room flat-panel displays, and on top of your PowerPoint presentations and desktop sharing sessions.

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Any Camera or No Camera

No Traditional Restrictions Like Matching Equipment

There's no need to match similar hardware, use any camera you like—participants just click on a conference link, it's that easy!

In previous generations of technology, a video conferencing end-point was a standalone piece of hardware that could only connect to the exact same model or something similar. Plus, these proprietary "end-points" could not be used for anything else, most of the time collecting dust.

Not anymore. Now, with Nefsis you can hold a video meeting and each participant can use any video peripheral they want. In some meetings, say a sales presentation, the viewing participants may have no camera at all—no problem!

Nefsis provides this flexibility by taking advantage of the growing popularity of USB webcams — which have matched, and in many cases exceeded, the imaging quality of traditional equipment — and widely available standard a/v peripherals, all of which can be used in a conference. These devices are low-cost, available worldwide, don't require complicated maintenance contracts, and because they're peripherals, can be used by several applications instead of collecting dust.

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Even HD & RoundTable

HD Conferencing Without the Telepresence Price Tag

Video quality is unlimited by Nefsis. Your PC, camera and bandwidth determine your conferencing experience.

Some Nefsis installations use DuoCore PCs, HD cameras, and flat panel displays, delivering a telepresence-like experience using ordinary equipment — at Fry's, CDW, and standard hardware prices. This screenshot shows an online meeting with a mix of HD, Sony (standard definition) and Logitech PC webcams being used by various participants. Not even a $200,000 telepresence system can do that.

If you would like to see an HD or RoundTable live demo right to your own desktop, or wish to discuss details (yes, HD requires lots of bandwidth), please contact us, we do live demos every day.

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Advanced Video Conferencing Controls

In addition to the features that make Nefsis easy — default layouts, play-all and automatic adjustments — Nefsis offers several video controls for the advanced user. For example, you can manually start and pause each individual camera in your meeting. You can even change cameras in real-time, during your meeting, no need to restart your conference.

This can come in handy when you have a variety of input sources, for example a pan-tilt-zoom conference room camera, a RoundTable camera (shown in the screenshot above), specialty document cameras (faces down), cameras with macro lenses for close-up views, medical devices, inputs from factory floor video, and so on.

Once you've selected the video input, you can manually change the resolution, image quality, and frame rate. Nefsis will not let you make choices higher than your bandwidth will allow. In addition, it will make automatic adjustments as your bandwidth availability changes in real-time.

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Multipoint Video Conferencing

Without Complicated MCU's & MUX's

Traditional video conferencing was conducted between two people, anything more than that required expensive multiplexers or multi-channel units. Nefsis sweeps all that complexity away.

The new generation— on-demand video conferencing and the Nefsis server cloud—make video conferencing easy. Just plug-n-play, point and click. You can have as many people in your video meeting as you like, you're only limited to screen space (dual monitors OK) and practical bandwidth considerations. Four to six participants at medium quality will work fine over almost any broadband connection. It goes up from there.

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IT Friendly

Firewall & Proxy Compatible

Nefsis complies with proxy and firewall security standards, providing excellent connectivity for inter-office and business-to-business online meetings. Products designed for local area network (LAN) environments and peer-to-peer (P2P) video conferencing do not work for multiple users behind their own firewalls.

For IT managers concerned about security, Nefis also features conference passwords and industry standard SSL/TLS encryption for security.

Please contact us for additional information regarding secure video conferencing, including software options for on-premise server installation.

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