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Customer Case Studies by Industry

Our customer case studies are listed below, categorized by industry. Each story includes a background description with the customer challenge, the Nefsis technology solution, and the business and IT staff benefits. They include an interview with one or more customer contacts regarding their job and use of Nefsis software and online services.

Engineering, Construction & Manufacturing:

Travel, Hospitality, Event Marketing & Business Services:

Healthcare & Clinical IT Services:

Government, Public Service & Non-Profit:

Financial Services & Banking IT Services:

Education & Training:



Nefsis web & Video Conferencing Applications

Inter-Office Meetings & Project Reviews

General purpose online meetings are often near the bottom of intent-to-use surveys with most web conferencing solutions. Not with Nefsis! It was designed for inter-office use with earlier generations traversing proxies and firewalls since 1998. As such, general purpose online meetings, inter-office meetings and project reviews are among the leading business applications of Nefsis software. Nefsis excels in these areas because it is available as software and online service; it can run on a company's private network or VPN; and it has an excellent combination of multiparty video and fast desktop sharing that provide a life-like meeting experience over the Internet. Everyone can fully participate in a meeting, not just one presenter. This combination of features is helpful to all of our customers for shifting meetings online, especially in construction, engineering and AutoCAD® fields for conducting online project reviews.

Distance Learning, Online Classes & Training

Education, online classes and commercial training are easily the second-most popular application area for Nefsis. There are hundreds, if not thousands of products and services in the e-learning industry. However, Nefsis brings something new to the party. It delivers an online environment where the teacher and all the students are able to interact, ask questions, and use a variety of modes – talking, arm-waving, drawing, sharing desktops and annotation tools – for making key points and asking questions. These capabilities are especially useful for seminars, commercial training programs, licensure and other areas where visually complex material and live, two-way interaction between students and teachers is required.

Sales Calls & Marketing Events

The use of new technology in sales is often the lead first time. The ROI is compelling: meet with more customers in less time. Marketing presentations and events are easily done online, where scheduling flexibility and low-cost can drive far more numbers than traveling road shows alone.

Helpdesk & Technical Support

Another prevalent application is customer service, including internal help desk operations. In addition to web conferencing and desktop sharing, Nefsis has remote control capabilities too. For everyone's comfort level, the remote user is always prompted with an 'OK to proceed' dialog box. Customer service staff can complement the usual referral to a tech note or software patch, with actually showing – or making – software changes on-the-fly.  With global reach to virtually any business desktop, small companies can deliver world class support using Nefsis. The goals for many support installations include solving more cases on the inbound call, reducing call resolution times, expediting 3-way calls with internal topic experts, and otherwise improving the customer experience.

Travel Reduction

The video conferencing industry has been promoting travel reduction since the 1980s – but the benefits have been limited to executive travel between fixed-site boardrooms. Today, Nefsis can reach almost any remote office, customer or vendor. Business travel can be completely replaced or complemented with online meetings. Many customers are surprised to discover that ordinary webcams can display full-motion, full-screen video. And good software like Nefsis can traverse firewalls and proxies, connecting multiple business users from different offices, plus deliver optimized presentation, document and desktop sharing all at the same time. Now for the first time, you have the means to effectively replace in-person travel with real, work-a-day online meetings with full interactivity for all participants – it's not just two talking heads anymore.

Boardroom Video Conferencing

Boardroom conferencing is a classic application area and holds the largest installed-base among first generation, or fixed-site hardware-only solutions. With lower-cost PC peripherals and the use of more flexible shared network connections, the latest web and video conferencing solutions such as Nefsis are delivering boardroom quality video conferencing to smaller, more budget- conscious customers – and in many cases, displacing expensive hardware solutions. As an added bonus, Nefsis can reach virtually any desktop in the world, allowing you to "rope in" your participants that couldn't make the board meeting, or conducting secure board meetings entirely online.

Business Continuity & Disaster Planning

With extreme weather conditions, airport closures and more people living near hurricane-prone coastlines, the business case for travel alternatives and contingency plans is becoming more attractive. One case study below covers Hawaii Civil Defense, they use Nefsis for media briefings for a wide variety of all-hazard scenarios. Another example is, headquartered in Florida. They use Nefsis primarily for training, but also for its ability to provide alternative meeting venues in the event of office closure.

Telemedicine & Remote Clinic Support

This application area has grown so large that there are now many specialty areas within the field of telemedicine. The medical case studies above illustrate the use of Nefsis between clinical offices in support of staff meetings without driving across town, remote training, and live consultation between practitioners. We also have many labs, clinics and imaging facilities using Nefsis for teleradiology and PACS-related support services, remote diagnostic interpretation, case review and remote patient follow-up. More on telemedicine ...

Please note that telesurgery and robotic-surgery are highly specialized, hardware-specific disciplines; they are outside the scope of software and online services such as Nefsis.

Prisons & Courts

Jails, prisons and courts have used video conferencing hardware for assignment of counsel proceedings for a long time. With the growth of Internet access and VPNs, and especially low-cost A/V peripherals; desktop video conferencing is making its way into this once staid hardware-only market. For dramatically lower cost, these tax-payer funded organizations can get full-motion video using the same dedicated bandwidth as hardware-only solutions; or conversely, get quarter-screen video running over existing network connections and no incremental network expense. Click here for details on telecourt and video arraignment ...

Many More...

The applications of web and video conferencing are as varied as the industries, people and the meetings they serve. The leading applications for Nefsis are are interoffice meetings, training, sales & marketing, followed by helpdesk and support services. Other more specialized applications are employee portals, remote product quality engineering, emergency command centers (JVIC), manufacturing, telemedicine, and telecourt. Yet others are military, law enforcement, city services, consulting, professional services, small office, home office, telework, telecommuting, greenhouse gas reduction, and green initiative support, and just about any example where shifting in-person venues to online meetings yields cost reductions, more flexibility, and less travel time.

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