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What is a Concurrent User?

It is an industry standard term that refers to the total number of people (as measured by network connections), that are connected to a server or online service at any one point in time. The term "concurrent user" is analogous to "port" or "line" with respect to a telephone branch exchange. 

Nefsis is licensed by concurrent user. For example, a Nefsis license for up to ten concurrent users means you can have one conference, with up to ten people; or two conferences with five; or any combination totaling ten or less. Essentially the same as a telephone PBX with ten lines.

Details Regarding Counting

Only users connected to a real-time, web and video conferencing session count. Users visiting a welcome page, administrators using the management console, and scheduled future conferences do not count. Only users connected to live, in-process conference sessions count. The Nefsis server counts each user's browser or Nefsis conferencing application TCP/IP connection.

For example, several people in a boardroom watching a conference on a large screen monitor only count as one connection. Just as a PBX would only count only one telephone line even though several people are in a conference room, but using one speakerphone.

Concurrent User Examples

10 concurrent users – conference server, one online meeting, 10 users

10 concurrent users – conference server, 5 online meetings, 2 users each

Concurrent User Screenshots:

Conference Room Scenario

In this example, we have 9 concurrent users.

Nefsis only counts network connections, so the four people in the conference room shown at the bottom of the screen, all in front of one camera (attached to a conference room PC), only count as 1 in the total.


Desktop Users

Here we have 12 concurrent users in one online meeting.

Everyone is connecting from their own desktop, using their own browsers and individual Internet connections. There are a total of 12 connections, or 12 concurrent users.


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