Nefsis video conferencing solution for desktops and rooms.

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Nefsis is an easy to implement video conferencing solution. It is available as an instantly available online service and, for those customers that desire it, a video conferencing server option with more IT controls. With Nefsis you can use a wide variety of desktops, conference rooms, cameras and Internet connection speeds; Nefsis handles it all.

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Courts & Legal Services Corporoate Training Online Training
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Introducing Nefsis

Nefsis web and video conferencing capabilities provide a general purpose solution to a wide variety of problems our customers face today: limits on travel; complex sales, training and support material; topic experts in remote offices; and customers in faraway locales. Nefsis solves all these problems by making video conferencing fast and easy. You can use ordinary browsers and webcams for your online meetings; or use any PC-based video conferencing equipment for boardroom, conference room, and training applications. Nefsis lets you mix-and-match all you like.

Video conferencing solution with desktop sharingWhat's more, Nefsis requires no proprietary equipment or long-term contracts. You can use your existing Internet access without infrastructure changes — click FREE trial right now — or take advantage of networks with ample bandwidth for HD and telepresence. Nefsis dynamic scalable video and bandwidth throttling makes sure everyone enjoys the best possible, high-quality video conference experience.

Click to Meet

Starting a free trial takes just seconds. Once you have an account, a video conference is never farther away than your web browser. Click to meet has never been easier!

When you enter your room you are provided with prompts to invite your conference participants via web link, share materials and activate audio and video.

For recurring online meetings, you can keep your conference link and use it in desktop shortcuts, portal pages and so on, so your Nefsis video conference solution is a on tap 24/7.




Project Reviews

Nefsis integrated desktop & application sharing work well for project reviews across multiple offices.

Outsourcing Teams

Nefsis web, VoIP and video conferencing software bring client and outsourced teams together in a multi-modal, virtual environment. Use any combination of audio (VoIP), video or advanced web collaboration tools such as whiteboarding, text chat and file transfer, to let team members express themselves and communicate with management.

Remote Corporate Showroom

Use Nefsis technology to create a video showroom that can reach anybody, anywhere with a web browser. Almost any video device can be used: a pan-tilt-zoom conference room camera, an HD camera for finely detailed close-ups of mechanical parts or fabrics, a tabletop camera for documents, a medical imaging device and so on. A video showroom is limited only by the imagination.  To see an example, click schedule a live demo.

Multiple Office Meetings

This is the most popular application of Nefsis video conferencing. Nefsis software is able to manage multiple connections at various bandwidth rates; plus telecommuters using home PCs and webcams; and boardrooms with HD devices too. Nefsis provides a general purpose solution to all this variety using industry standard components such as web browsers, office PCs, webcams, video peripherals and existing office Internet access.

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Training Reach & Frequency

This is another popular application of Nefsis: using online meetings to increase the reach and frequency of training programs. Nefsis application sharing is especially useful where visually complex material needs to be presented; video capabilities allow instructors to monitor students; and our electronic hand-out feature works just as if you were meeting in person, except that an electronic copy of the file is delivered.

At present, Nefsis is the only video conferencing solution that provides live media sharing (WMV, Flash and other formats). You can actually play product demonstration movies and training films in a live video conference and discuss what's being shown.

Solutions for Project Reviews, Outsourcing & Team Meetings

Nefsis supports many different browsers such as Chrome, Safari and Opera and mixed connection speeds over virtually any Internet connection type. This general purpose utility makes Nefsis great for project reviews and outsourcing applications where you have separate teams working in different IT environments. There is no need for dedicated routes or matched equipment such as that required by past generations of site-based video conferencing technology.

Beyond desktop video conferencing and HD support for conference rooms, Nefsis also includes build-in live sharing and web conferencing features. Nefsis multi-core concurrency and advanced technology make live application and desktop sharing much faster than comparable single-CPU solutions and interpreted environments such as Flash and java-script based solutions.  The result is faster, more fluid presentations of charts, graphs, live CAD drawings and scientific visualization tools.

Better online presentations.

Better Presentations with High-Quality PowerPoint Sharing

Once you enter your virtual conference room you see a simple point-and-click user interface with prompts for the typical online meeting process. Lots of meetings start with PowerPoint® presentations. Just click the share PowerPoint sharing tool button and you will see the typical file-open dialog box; select your presentation and it will be shared in the online conference room.

Using Nefsis is as easy as browsing the web, just point and click. For helpful prompts, the navigation toolbar gives you mouse-over descriptions for each button making easy to explore Nefsis. You can open and share any document or presentation accessible to your PC. You can use electronic pointer, highlighting and annotation tools, and pass keyboard and mouse inputs to anyone in your conference room.  Slide and page thumbnails are available in the navigation toolbar so you can easily jump from place to place; and tabs across the bottom of the live share area allow you to open multiple presentations and tab back-and-forth as necessary.

Nefsis renders your PowerPoint slides with rich text and graphics just like PowerPoint itself; there are no "screen grabs" or fuzzy images on display. In addition, Nefsis multi-core technology easily keeps pace with audio (voice over IP) and video processing delivering a higher-quality experience, more interactivity, levity and attention to your online meetings.

Topic Experts, Share Your Wealth

Video conferencing solutions with live sharing tools.Nefsis video conferencing solutions include built-in application sharing. You can extend the reach of your knowledge and expertise to any colleague anywhere in the world.   You can any share any application on your PC, your entire desktop or a region of your desktop. With all your productivity tools at your fingertips, sometimes working on a project with Nefsis online is faster and easier than conference rooms just down the hall — and much faster than in-person travel.

Tools for Your Trade

Nefsis has many customers that don't venture beyond desktop and presentation sharing with audio and video. Yet others need more comprehensive tools for their trade. For these customers Nefsis includes a complete web conferencing and collaboration feature-set. Nefsis is about letting you run your online meeting your way with the tools that make it the easiest and most productive for you.

  • Media sharing. Take advantage of any product demonstration films and training movies. You can play any movie file such as Flash, WMV and most standard file formats.
  • Remote control. Use remote control with any live sharing feature (e.g., desktop sharing).
  • Electronic pointers, highlighting and annotation tools. These tools work with document, presentation and live sharing. Yes, you can highlight over a live application sharing window.
  • Whiteboarding. A classic whiteboard for brainstorming sessions and free-form drawing to help communicate workflows and visual ideas.
  • Text chat. Nefsis text chat can be used with all meeting participants or limited to hosts, presenters or specific staff members. This is a useful for Q&A sessions and behind the scenes prompting a speaker.
  • File hand-outs. An excellent solution for training applications; you can provide electronic hand-outs after your meeting just like you would in a traditional classroom environment.
  • Record & play-back. You can record all audio (VoIP), video and collaboration windows for people that could not attend your online meeting. This feature is also handy for recording training sessions. Nefsis recordings use industry standard file formats so you can edit them with your cropping and post-production editing tools.
  • Built-In Diagnostic Tools. A meeting host can tell at a glance whether any meeting participant is on a good network connection with a PC with ample processing power. Simple cell-phone-like bar graphs highlight users with 1 bar where Nefsis is automatically adjusting their video quality. In addition, Nefsis includes built-in diagnostic tools to assist IT managers with bandwidth, latency and routing. For example, you can use these tools to tell if your ISP is actually delivering the bandwidth you are paying for.
  • Multi-language support. The Nefsis user interface supports nine languages with more coming soon. Users from different countries see Nefsis pull-down menus and dialog boxes in the language of their choice (Nefsis automatically defaults to operating system and browser language settings). This can be a very helpful component in a global or multinational video conferencing solution.

Record it, Reuse it, Reinvent Your Conference

Nefsis is your partner in video conferencing today. Together, we have the solutions that move you forward in ways that an evolving business requires. Connect globally, including business participants behind proxies and firewalls; enjoy multiparty audio and video; share anything accessible to your PC, even movie files; and record your entire meeting and share it with partners at a later time. Your conference, your way.

Try Nefsis, It Takes Just Seconds ...

FREE TrialNefsis Online is an easy to implement video conference solution. You can try our instant online service right now; all you need is a PC, Internet access and a webcam or PC video peripheral. Just click the free trial button and you'll be conferencing in no time.

For an installable software solution, please visit Nefsis Dedicated video conferencing server or contact us for a trial deployment key.

To see any of the features or capabilities shown here, you can also schedule a live demonstration and see Nefsis right from your own desktop. Once you see the demo, you'll know Nefsis works in your environment. You can also take advantage of the demo to ask our solution experts any questions you may have about applications, general feasibility and technical topics such as traffic routing, security and bandwidth.