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The information technology challenges faced by government agencies and public service providers continues to grow: security, inter-connected networks that evolved over time, and budget pressures, all amidst increasing complexity and demand for services.

Nefsis has been helping all levels of government — military, federal, state, city and county — for over a decade with secure, easy to manage video conferencing and real-time communications solutions. Some of our Nefsis video conferencing applications include:

  • Secure, online team meetings
  • C3 and civil defense media briefing centers
  • Online training and after-action debriefing
  • Recurring travel reduction & inter-office meetings

Nefsis video conferencing offers several unique advantages in government applications: it lowers costs by using off-the-shelf HD webcams and video conferencing equipment; its cloud-based technology further reduces costs through elimination of expensive infrastructure equipment such as MCUs, desktop gateways, and collaboration servers, all of which are built-in the Nefsis multipoint video cloud; and the Nefsis cloud is scalable, meaning it is easy to expand.

Another advantage is Nefsis dynamic scalable video, automated bandwidth throttling, and enterprise-grade connection technology. Unlike past generations of video conferencing technology that required direct connections and fixed bandwidth, Nefsis successfully operates over almost any existing government network.

For U.S. Federal agencies that require it, Nefsis also offers an on-premise video conferencing server and a FIPS 140-2 edition for additional encryption, routing, and administrative controls. Please contact us for additional information and GSA contract details.


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All the way around, buying Nefsis is a big way for us to buy time. I think the possibilities of what we can do with it are unlimited. — Mark Nichols, Peoria Fire Department

One of our highest priorities was to find a secure conferencing product, and Nefsis provides the highest level of security including third-party certificates.— Billy Gomban, State of Hawaii

More Details on the Nefsis Approach ...

General Government Video Conferencing Applications

State and federal government agencies use video conferencing to:

  • Authorize secure information collaboration across the government enterprise
  • Streamline business processes
  • Command operations centers, COCs, and VJICs
  • Communication channel in case of emergency
  • Share urgent, secretive information
  • Hold regular meetings, therefore reducing travel expenses
  • Communication in courtrooms
  • Apply in prisons for telemedicine purposes

Specific Feature Requirements for Government Installations

The government requires the following features for secure online video conferencing:

  • Security, standard SSL/TSL, up to and including FIPS 140-2 requirements
  • HD quality
  • Built-in collaboration tools
  • Firewall and proxy traversal
  • Over existing IT infrastructure
  • Administration controls

How Nefsis Meets Those Requirements


The Nefsis FIPS Edition ensures enhanced security measures. It supports FIPS 140-2 required security certificated, authentication, strong cipher, and end-to-end encrypted TLS connections, allowing federal employees geographically separated connect in video conferencing via private network or public route. This Nefsis edition, designed specifically for government use, provides the ability for an organization to build a private cloud. This high level of security utilizes specific, secure protocols, methods, and configuration settings.

HD Quality

Government agencies are beginning to adopt VoIP and multipoint video conferencing services requiring FIPS 140-2 compliant web. Unique to Nefsis, this is processed in high definition quality on desktops and conference room screens. Nefsis was originally designed to handle HD content powered by multi-core processors. This is how Nefsis effortlessly encodes and decodes multipoint HD video content.

Support for Desktops and Conference Rooms

Nefsis video conferencing software and online services are available from desktop to boardroom. Taking advantage of extremely powerful video and multimedia processor extensions, Nefsis technology proves there is no longer a need for hardware or “box” solutions. Nefsis FIPS effortlessly delivers HD video on any up-to-date PC or conference room platform with compatibility of multi-microphone mixers, amps, and speakers.

Built-in Collaboration Tools

Along with secure desktop reach, Nefsis FIPS Edition provides the government with advanced collaboration tools. Full application, document, PowerPoint, media files, and desktop sharing are available through the Nefsis tool ribbon. Other features such as text chatting among conference participants and a comprehensive whiteboard for collaboration and mark ups in real time are offered. These tools allow for the most efficient communication and collaboration among employees.

Firewall and Proxy Traversal

Nefsis FIPS Edition uses standard pots 80 and 443 for web services and provides proxy and firewall traversal in conformance with IT security policies. All connections are initiated by the conference users, going out of their firewall. Nefsis does not attempt any inbound connections. Nefsis conferencing supports all leading standards for proxy connections, ensuring the highest possible connection success rate for all users. In addition, it provides detailed options for selecting algorithms and key lengths for signing and encryption for further protection.

Over Existing IT Infrastructure

The Nefsis FIPS Edition works over the organization’s existing IT infrastructure. The user is granted the option to restrict conference documents and applications to the on-premise server. This feature maintains the highest level of privacy and security for government agencies.

Administration Controls

Conference room control resides in the power of the administrator of the meeting. The administrator has system-wide power over user-level feature and security controls. Custom company entry pages with logos and color schemes are also available, along with standard usage reports.

Nefsis is Available via GSA Schedule Purchase

Nefsis FIPS Edition can be procured through the Winvale Group’s GSA Schedule (GS-35F-0074S). This edition of Nefsis is designed for government agencies requiring FIPS 140-2 compliant web, VoIP, and multipoint video conferencing services.

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