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Improving Staff Communications, Remote Consults, and Patient Care Beyond the Hospital

Nefsis secure video conferencing software and online services are helping our healthcare customers expand operations and cut delays, while reducing staff and patient travel expenses.

Nefsis is being used in telemedicine, telepsychiatry, group therapy, remote clinic support, PACS, and in-home and remote doctor consults. These are all in addition to standard production applications such as secure interoffice staff meetings and safety compliance training.

Nefsis healthcare video conferencing solutions offer unique advantages versus alternatives:

  • Nefsis scalable video operates over almost any Internet connection
  • Nefsis cloud-based, multipoint video eliminates the need for costly MCUs and video-specific routers
  • Nefsis further lowers costs through use of off-the-shelf webcams and video conferencing equipment
  • Only Nefsis has built-in, advanced web collaboration tools such as playing movie files and hand-outs
  • Nefsis communications are encrypted, providing the tools covered entities need to comply with HIPAA

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We can record and review our Nefsis online meetings and show them to other organizations that want to serve the deaf and hard-of-hearing. — Susan Fraker, DODA

Since Sure Telehealth/Nefsis is an online managed service, it is automatically maintained and easier to expand as we grow without the financial risk of making a hardware investment.
— Kathy Durden, CarePartners of Georgia

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