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Article, EdTech Digest, December 20, 2011 — 2012 Prediction: Cloud Takes Video Conferencing to Ed Markets.  Lower cost, built-in collaboration tools, and high-quality, scalable video that works over existing Internet connections are primary drivers.   Read Article

Article, Credit Union Times, December 15, 2011 — Advancial Conferences in Cloud. Advancial deploys Nefsis video conferencing for online employee training.   Read Article

eWeek, December 2, 2011 — Logitech Webcams and Nefsis Enable Telepsychiatry Sessions. Secure Telehealth uses Logitech webcams and Nefsis encrypted video conferencing connections to help doctors with patients in rural areas who can’t get to a psychiatrist’s office.   Read Article

Mobile HiMSS, November 26, 2011 — Telepsychiatry Gives Patients, Counselors More Access. "Championed in industries as diverse as the military and the nation’s prison system, telepsychiatry is one of the fastest growing uses of telehealth technology."   Read Article

Learning through cloud-based video conferencing.
Chief Learning Officer, November 11, 2011 — Engage Learning Through Video, the Cloud. "Training through web-based video platforms in the cloud can make cutting-edge learning more affordable and engaging for smaller organizations."   Read Article

Government Video, November 3, 2011 — Future of Videoconferencing, Telepresence in the Clouds. Nefsis makes previously required infrastructure components disappear into the cloud, making multipoint HD video conferencing affordable and easy to expand.   Read Article

Information Week, October 31, 2011 — 2 Reasons Videoconferencing Remains a Niche, and how Nefsis cloud computing technology is tackling the last remaining obstacles to widespread business adoption. “The case for video is compelling; and with the new breed of cloud video services, implementation couldn’t be easier.”   Read Article

Constructech, October 25, 2011 — Enhanced Video Conferencing. Westech Engineering selects Nefsis cloud-based video conferencing for remote offices and customer architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) online project management reviews.   Read Case Study

Courts Today Article
Campus Technology, October 19, 2011 — Wright State Delivers Group Treatment via Cloud-Based Video Conferencing. Nefsis web-based access, high video frame rates, and multiparty capabilities enable group sessions among participants using exclusively American Sign Language.   Read Case Study

Healthcare Technology Online, October 12, 2011 — Cloud-Based Video Conferencing Cuts Ticket Price to Telemedicine. New technology eliminates infrastructure costs and simplifies video conferencing, making it easily accessible to any-sized healthcare concern, remote clinic, and psychiatric practice.   Read Article

Training Magazine, October 3, 2011 — Case Study: Alpha Pro Turns to Video Conferencing. “What happens when your business depends on in-classroom training, but scalability is halted due to travel budgets?” Here's how Alpha Pro met this challenge using Nefsis high-quality video and live sharing tools to power online training programs for their customers.   Read Case Study

Behavioral Healthcare, October Issue, 2011 — Idaho Behavioral Health Optimizes Med Management Visits Using Telehealth. Nefsis technology powers online video conferencing to reduce no-shows and save physician time.   Read Case Study

Courts Today Article
Courts Today, September 16 (August/September Issue), 2011 — Video, Web Conferencing Technologies Helping Clear Up Escalating Caseloads. “The cloud-based approach is much more affordable and operates over existing networks.”   Read Article

WSTA Ticker Article
Wall Street Technology Association TICKER, September 13, 2011 — Cloud Computing Breathes New Life into Video Conferencing. “Cloud computing and virtualization provide load balancing, failover, and scalability, providing a better fit with today’s IT management strategies for providing and maintaining business-critical services.”   Read Article (PDF reprint)

Product Review, Cloud News Daily, September 8, 2011 — Nefsis Video Conferencing. "The video collaboration portion of Nefsis appears to be flawless, that is, it just works...Nefsis really shines when it comes to sharing other media."   Read Review

Article, Fierce Enterprise Communications, September 8, 2011 — Nefsis Scores Customer Win with TeleHealth's Telepsychiatry Rollout.   Read Article

Product Review, Tom's IT Pro, September 7, 2011 — A Comparison: Two Affordable Telepresence Services. "The evolution of IP-based communications technologies, combined with falling connectivity prices and the rise of the cloud deployment model, have brought high quality videoconferencing within the grasp of most businesses."   Read Review

Article/Blog Post, Cloud News Daily, August 12, 2011 — The Cloud Storms Another Product Category: HD Video Conferencing. Cloud computing lowers the total cost of video conferencing and makes it easier to expand.   Read Article

Case Study, Search CIO Midmarket, August 10, 2011 — Alpha Pro Solutions Deploys Nefsis for Online Customer Training, conquering travel budgets and tight economy.   Read Case Study

Health Management Technology Article
Case Study, Health Business Blog, August 2, 2011 — Telepsychiatry in the Cloud. Care Partners of Georgia and Secure Telehealth select Nefsis for secure video conferencing to improve psychiatric services in rural markets.   Read Case Study

Podcast, Health Business Blog, July 28, 2011 — Cloud-Based Video Conferencing for Telemedicine, by David E. Williams. The cloud's lower cost and expanded reach enables more telemedicine, telepsychiatry, and remote clinic support applications.   Listen to Podcast

Article/Blog Post, Cloud Computing Topics, July 21, 2011 — Cloud Computing and QoS Compatibility for Business Video Conferencing, by Allen Drennan, Nefsis CTO.   Read Post

Case Study, Credit Union Journal, July 18, 2011 — Connect The Spots: Tech Keeps Far-Flung Staff in Touch, by Kevin Jepson. Advancial Credit Union successfully uses Nefsis video conferencing in branch offices across four states.   Read Article (Requires CU Journal Login)

Product Announcement, Network Computing, July 15, 2011 — Nefsis Delivers Video Conferencing Infrastructure From the Cloud. New quality of service (QoS), network diagnostics, and dynamic video coding complete IT toolkit for managing video conference traffic.   Read Article

Civil Engineering News
Case Study, Civil Engineering News, pg. 40, July, 2011 — Face-to-Face in the Cloud. This case study explores how GEI uses Nefsis cloud-based video conferencing for interoffice meetings, training programs, and online committee meetings.   Read Article

Product Announcement, HD Voice News, July 4, 2011 — Nefsis Launches Next-Gen VoIP Audio Engine for B2B Video Conferencing. The new VoIP engine offers improved acoustic echo cancellation and handles different latency times among multiple participants.   Read Article

Blog Post, The PBX Blog, July 2, 2011 — Nefsis Cloud Video. Nefsis has, in effect, pushed video conferencing into a cloud model of SaaS service.   Read Post

Credit Union Management
Article, Credit Union Management, July, 2011 — Video Conferencing 2.0.
The 'Management Network' column covers the new, cloud-based approach to video conferencing and its benefits for credit unions and branch office networks.  
Read Article (Requires CUES Membership)

Product Announcement, Network World, June 24, 2011 — Nefsis Offers Video and Collaboration in the Cloud. Nefsis announced a new online software-based VoIP engine as part of its HD video conferencing cloud, designed to give multiple participants the ability to speak at the same time with improved audio performance during online video meetings.   Read Article

Product Announcement, Fierce VoIP, June 22, 2011 — Nefsis Debuts Next-Gen VoIP Audio Engine with Full-Duplex, Multiparty Capabilities. New engine released to the Nefsis video conferencing cloud continuously adapts to the networking environment producing a superior audio experience regardless of the number of participants in a conference.   Read Article

Article, Government Video, June 21, 2011 — University Picks Nefsis' Online Services. The DODA program at Wright State University in Ohio implements Nefsis cloud-based video conferencing. Security, desktop reach, and multipoint capabilities key.   Read Article

Credit Union Times
Article, Credit Union Times Online, June 8, 2011 — Credit Unions, Leagues Leverage Video Conferencing, by Natasha Chilingerian. Nefsis customer Texas Partners Credit Union and others are using video conferencing to save time and travel expense. Recent advances in technology make it easier and less expensive than ever to implement.   Read Article

Unified Communications Unified Communications
Article, Unified Communications, June 1, 2011 — Five Key Factors to Success in Videoconferencing, by Allen Drennan, CTO Nefsis. The evolving technology of video conferencing is creating new key factors for success in the industry today.
Read Article

Blog Post/Q&A, ShoeStringVenture, May 31, 2011 — Nefsis: Big Business Quality for SMBs. What did for CRM, Nefsis cloud computing is doing for video conferencing — making it easy, secure, and affordable for small business.   Read Blog Post/Q&A

AV Technology
Article, AV Technology, May, 2011 — Seeing is Believing, by AVT Staff. Wright State University and the Deaf Off Drugs and Alcohol program (DODA) successfully use Nefsis video conferencing to connect patients geographically scattered around the state.   Case Study (PDF Reprint)

Article, InfoTech Spotlight, May 16, 2011 — Nefsis Enhances Cloud-Based Solution, offering much lower financial risk than multipoint video conferencing infrastructure.  Read Article

Product Review, Enterprise Networking Planet, May 6, 2011 — Nefsis Delivers HD Video Conferencing to the Desktop.  "If you're looking for a cloud-based provider of telepresence-style desktop videoconferencing — i.e. something that provides very high quality — add Nefsis to the list of possibles."  Read Review

AV Technology

Article, AV Technology Online, April 26, 2011 — Conquering Barriers to Videoconferencing Adoption, by Allen Drennan, Nefsis CTO.  Read Article

Interview, Virtual Strategy Magazine, April 29, 2011 — Q&A with Nefsis. "Why video conferencing in the cloud? Because it is less expensive and easier to expand."  Read Interview

Network World Fave Raves, April 25, 2011 — What IT Pros Like in Their Own Words. Nefsis included among 22 picks in this year's roundup. “It's easy to install, use and manage. ... The quality of video and audio exceeded our expectations, and its ability to accommodate high-end camera feeds through computers was a big plus.”  Network World Fave Raves 2011

Podcast, Unified Communications Edge, March 30, 2011 — HD Video Conferencing and the Cloud, by Carl Weinschenk. “Cloud computing scales as necessary to meet IT challenges.”
Unified Communications Edge Podcast

Product Review, Small Cloud Builder, March 25, 2011 — Nefsis Reviewed, by Matt Smollinger. “Nefsis has a lot of bells and whistles. We'll start off with the biggest one: HD Video.”
Read Small Cloud Builder Review

Chicago Tribune

Article, Chicago Tribune, February 2, 2011 — The City That Works — Even in a Blizzard. With high-tech help, including Nefsis video conferencing. 
Read Article

Article, Unified Communications Magazine, February 1, 2011 — Five Obstacles to Growth in the Videoconferencing Industry, by Allen Drennan, Nefsis CTO.  Read Article

Article,, October 21, 2010 — Nefsis: Wider Customer Adoption of HD-capable Webcams. Nefsis customer trends mark an industry turning point: high quality video conferencing online services at prices far below stand alone systems.  Read Article

Product Review, eWeek, October 20, 2010 — Nefsis Basic Allows Free Web Collaboration. Andrew Garcia reviews Nefsis Basic and Nefsis Professional, providing three pages of details covering advanced video settings (720p), media sharing and more.  Read Article

Customer Press Release — October 14, 2010 — Providence College Deploys eProv, a Nefsis-Powered Distance Learning System. The College selected and deployed Nefsis as its technology platform for video conferencing and remote student participation.  Read Customer Press Release

Article, TechZone 360, October 1, 2010 — Nefsis Introduces Online Meeting Service. New online service allows independent contractors and other small office owners to collaborate with clients and colleagues through secure meetings over the web.  Read Article

Article, Unified Communications Strategies, September 28, 2010 — Introducing Free Version of Online Video Conferencing for Small Business. Nefsis closes the gap between ease-of-use in web conferencing and high-quality video in standalone systems.  Read Article

Article, InformationWeek, September 28, 2010 — Nefsis Offers Free Video Conferencing Service Nefsis Basic. The free, entry-level service may interest freelancers, contractors, entrepreneurs and telecommuters.  Read Article

Article, The Arizona Republic, September 15, 2010 — Surprise Fire Department uses Nefsis for Remote Training. The benefits of video conferencing include reduced cross-town driving and easier scheduling without the burden of personnel leaving the stationhouse.  Read Article

Article, EC Magazine, June 9, 2010 — Doctor on Call.  Telemedicine and video conferencing are becoming more prevalent, particularly in bringing medical care to rural areas.  Read Article

BBC Event, Shoreditch, UK, March 18, 2010 — Nefsis-Powered Video Wall at BBC SuperPower Nation Day. SuperPower Nation promotes open worldwide community and digital democracy via the Web. BBC representatives from more than 20 of the BBC World Service language teams translated for people who attended the event or called in by telephone. The multipoint video wall showed participants in real-time bridging the gap between the in-person venue and far-flung locations worldwide — adding to the ferment and global vibe of the entire event. "We have just used Nefsis to connect to our audiences and contributors around the world as part of Superpower Nation Day, a specific event we held on the 18th of March 2010 at Shoreditch Town Hall. Everyone was very impressed how it worked on the day, and how user-friendly it was," said James Sales, BBC.
More About SuperPower Nation  |  Video – Ros Atkins Explains How It Works

Article, Peoria Times, February 19, 2010 — New Video Conferencing System Streamlines Firefighter Training. Nefsis web and video conferencing enables live, instructor-led training from a central location without requiring firefighters to leave field stations saving fuel and time-on-station. The initial applications include staff meetings and training in such topics as tactics and strategy, building construction safety and EMT classes. "I think the possibilities of what we can do with it are unlimited," said Peoria Fire Department Training Chief Mark Nichols.
Read Article  |  Nefsis Case Study: Peoria Fire Department

Nefsis Receives Frost & Sullivan Award

Customer Update, September 21, 2009Frost & Sullivan presents the "2009 European Conferencing & Collaboration Product Differentiation Award" to Nefsis. Nefsis became the first company to offer a conferencing service solution based on the technologies of cloud-computing, end-to-end parallel processing, and multipoint video. In addition, Nefsis offers a private, customer-premises Dedicated Server option, which acts as a controlled access point to the Nefsis cloud, with more security and feature-access controls.


  • Prior Years: Prior to version 5.0, Nefsis was sold under the WiredRed and e/pop brands. For articles prior to 2009, please visit our e/pop news archive. For Company history, click our timeline page.

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