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Nefsis Pricing

Basic registration Pro registration Server registration



Custom — Get Quote

Custom — Get Quote

Recommended For

Home applications

Pure cloud-based SaaS for departments and small to medium-sized business

On-premise server software option for large enterprise networks with LAN/WAN traffic controls

Product Type

online service

online service

Nefsis cloud w/
on-premise server software

Video Conferencing


Unlimited Multipoint

Unlimited Multipoint

Video Conferencing Quality

Webcam inputs up to 352x288 @ 15 fps

Any video input,
HD 1080p @ 30 fps

Any video input,
HD 1080p @ 30 fps

VoIP Conferencing

2-Party VoIP

Multipoint VoIP,
full-duplex with noise reduction & AEC

Multipoint VoIP,
full-duplex with noise reduction & AEC

Collaboration & Sharing


Advanced Sharing,
Live Media & Hand-Outs

Advanced Sharing,
Live Media & Hand-Outs

Advanced Video, HD, Rooms & More


Multi-core processing & cloud computing

High-quality video, webcam to HD


Use virtually any video input device

Webcams only

Automatic throttling: CPU, bandwidth consumption & image quality


One-touch play-all, pause-all


Picture-in-Picture, floating video & many more layouts


Dual monitor support


Conference Rooms




More ...

More ...

Advanced Collaboration & Sharing


General document &
PowerPoint (PPT) sharing

Adobe PDF sharing
(w/ rich text & vector graphics)

Application, desktop, region &
browser sharing

Desktop only

Live media sharing
(play movie files)


Annotation over documents, presentations & live applications


Whiteboarding & text chat


Remote control & file transfer


File hand-outs


Recording — all web, VoIP & video


Recording — industry standard formats


Apply my layout & follow my layout


More host controls for large meetings




More ...

More ...

Enterprise Communications / Security


Firewall traversal

Proxy traversal

Conference room passwords

SSL/TLS/https end-to-end encryption

Use customer certificate, CA & PKI



FIPS 140-2 compliant



Option to restrict conference documents to on-premise server





More ...

More ...

Telephone Conferencing Options


Domestic Toll & Toll-Free Dial-In Plans


Domestic Dial-Out Option (More Secure)


International Toll & Toll-Free Plans


International Dial-Out Option


Detailed Billing, With Dial-Out Logs


Administration & IT Controls


Supports all major web browsers


UNICODE UI with 10 languages


Default conference room for each user


Custom company entry page with logo and customer color scheme


Built-in bandwidth & network test utilities


Password reset feature for users


System-wide feature & security controls




More ...

More ...



Live Telephone Support

Live Telephone Support+

Online user guide

Learning center with tutorial videos

FAQs & forums

Live technical support
(via telephone & online meetings)


Assistance with room-based audio/video peripherals


Systems engineering assistance with server routing & speed optimization



Systems engineering assistance with customer certificate, CA & PKI





Americas:   +1 (858) 715-0970  (7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. weekdays, PST)
Europe:   +44 (0) 870 224 0415  (09:00 to 17:30 weekdays, GMT)

Nefsis Basic is currently available in the US, Canada, UK and Ireland only, but a meeting host can invite a participant anywhere in the world. Nefsis systems requirements, features and specifications are subject to change without notice.