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We at Nefsis are proud to have many nonprofit, environmental advocacy, and community service organizations on our customer list. They enrich the lives of the communities they serve.

Our advanced technology offers several unique advantages for nonprofits. The Nefsis cloud computing approach uses almost any webcam or video peripheral, while eliminating the need for complex infrastructure hardware, thus dramatically reducing the cost of typical video conferencing applications. In addition, our dynamic scalable video successfully operates over limited-bandwidth connections prevalent outside major corporate offices. Now, virtually any nonprofit can take advantage of online video meetings and web collaboration to bring their staff and membership closer together.

Nefsis advanced video conferencing solutions give nonprofits the ability to:

  • Reduce travel expenses and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improve the reach and scheduling flexibility of board and special-interest committee meetings
  • Improve visual communications with donors, staff, and beneficiaries
  • Implement or improve online training programs

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It has become an indispensable method to conduct scheduled or ad-hoc meetings, and with 200 employees scattered throughout the country, it is an excellent way for everyone to gather remotely and share our ideas interactively.— Mark Epstein, NACA

We needed something that was easy, worked on our existing hardware, allowed us to share documents like PowerPoint presentations, and still allow interaction.— John Gailey, Utah Boy Scouts

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