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Internet Conference Call Services

Nefsis delivers Internet conference call services with a full-suite of web conferencing, video conferencing, VoIP and telephone audio features all-in-one easy to use service. You can take advantage of all of these capabilities or just the ones you need today. Feel free to schedule a live demo to experience Nefsis right from your own desk, or start a free trial right now.

Internet conference call with web collaboration, telephone and video

Highlights: Telephone, web & Video Conferencing All in One

  • Industry-leading video conferencing online service — desktops, rooms, webcams & HD camera support
  • No-compromise web conferencing features built-in — desktop, application, presentation sharing & more
  • Telephone audio conferencing — toll, toll-free, domestic & international, all accessible via same service
  • Secure conference calls — encryption for all web, VoIP & video data; with dial-out for telephone audio
  • Advanced conferencing features at your command
    • Whiteboarding and annotation over live applications
    • Share media files such as product demonstration movies and training films
    • File hand-outs just as if you were meeting in person
    • Complete conference recordings that capture all audio, video and live data sharing, not just voice
    • Conference settings, email invitations and iCalendar templates for recurring meetings
    • And much, much more ...
  • High-quality video and live sharing — Nefsis uses cloud computing and multi-core processing for speed
  • Easy point-and-click interface — Nefsis is very easy to use, with large, illustrated tool buttons
  • IT-friendly — Nefsis uses industry standard URLs, secure connections, webcams & cameras
  • Premium customer service — we provide free online training and live technical support

Your Own Internet Conference Room in the Cloud

Did you know that all Nefsis accounts have a standing conference room? Nefsis puts you one click away from conducting Internet conference calls with co-workers, customers and prospects, whether they’re around the corner or around the globe. Using desktop shortcuts or the Nefsis tray icon, you're always one click away from your own virtual conference room.

Nefsis delivers its web, VoIP and video conferencing through a worldwide, distributed cloud, to assure you of the highest reliability, scalability and failover. Telephone audio conferencing is initiated and managed by the same cloud, with carrier-grade services to the global telephone network.

The Best of Video Conferencing plus Built-in Web Collaboration Tools

Built-in web conferencingNefsis combines the best video conferencing, web conferencing and online meeting tools into highly productive Internet conference calls. The number of participants on each call is limited only by the number of Nefsis licenses you hold; you can hold 1-on-1 calls, Internet conference calls between two conference rooms, or 10s or 100s of external participants.

An Internet conference call is an excellent opportunity to conduct product demonstrations, play movies and share documents in real time with your customers and prospects. With a full suite of Nefsis features, virtually anything on your computer can be shared and viewed during your call.

Seamlessly Integrated Telephone Conferencing

Nefsis has you covered with a variety of teleconferencing options including an easy, flat-rate toll-free pricing plan. There’s no need to worry about cancellation fees or overage premiums, Nefsis online services for all web, VoIP and video data is 'all you can eat,' while all telephone minutes are flat-rate. You can easily start a free trial, experience Nefsis and continue with monthly, flat-rate service.

For customers that require specialized call handling or detailed pricing plans, Nefsis offers:

  • Web, VoIP and video conferencing with no telephone minutes (always an option)
  • Domestic toll-free number, with flat-rate pricing plan (the easy default)
  • International toll-free numbers (available in most countries)
  • Standard toll numbers for use anywhere, domestic and international
  • Standard pricing plans for named-user accounts
  • Volume discount pricing plans for site-license and concurrent user accounts (contact us for details)
  • A dial-out option for customers that require some security controls over telephone audio

Reservationless Internet Conference Calls

With Nefsis, you can host toll-free, reservationless Internet conference calls simply by clicking into your standing online conference room. No preplanning required. If you do not require it, your participants do not need register in advance or opt in to a mailing list. Most online meetings, like webinars and audio presentations, require an e-mail address and sometimes even a password, but these are optional with Nefsis (note: you can require registration if you wish). You simply invite your participants to your cloud-based, virtual conference room by sending them an e-mail with a link to your online conference room. It's a standard web link; you can also send it via IM, text chat, or add it to a web page, web portal page, blog, or electronic business card.

When your participants click on your conference link, Nefsis dynamically loads via their web browser and takes them straight into your online meeting room, where your Internet conference call is underway.

Record Your Conference Call

Nefsis also gives you the option of recording your conference calls at no additional charge. The recording includes all of the VoIP audio, video, document sharing and annotation that take place during the call, and it is available immediately after the call — no need to order it or wait for delivery.

Nefsis recording is a built-in feature (Nefsis Professional & above). There is no additional charge for recording conferences. Moreover, Nefsis recordings are saved in industry standard file formats, so you may edit them for employees who could not attend your conference, training library content or other store-and-replay purposes.

Connecting with groups of co-workers, prospects and customers in online meetings and Internet-based conference calls is a tremendous productivity booster. Virtually anyone with Internet access or a telephone can join your meeting.

Participants Join Your Conference Call for Free — Even International

International callingBest of all, there is no worry about attendees having to pay to participate in the your Internet conference call. You have the choice of offering your participants a toll-free number (default), domestic and international toll numbers, and even international toll-free by country. Nefsis presents the provider call-in numbers on a dialog box when you join the meeting, making it easy for your participants to call in by phone. For international toll-free, Nefsis automation shows only the relevant numbers keeping the presentation easy and straightforward.

Nefsis’ Internet conference calls are also ideal for recurring staff meetings among peers. Consider holding weekly meetings for your sales, customer service, engineering, and production teams by conference call through PCs. The meeting owner can send out reminders, appoint co-presenters to share documents and media files, monitor text chat feedback during the meeting, and make the recorded meeting available to participants afterwards.

When you can get two or more people to review the same image, document, graph, chart or picture at the same time in the same Internet conference call, it becomes very easy to reach decisions. These calls can result in huge productivity gains that save time and money in the decision-making process, especially when all participants can annotate the document in real time and when the host can record and save the entire session for future reference at no additional cost.

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