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Video Conferencing Cuts Travel Costs & Improves Project Management

The Nefsis installed base includes lots of AutoCAD® users, project managers, civil engineering, construction, environmental and general engineering services firms. The drivers are clear: Nefsis online video conferencing services cut recurring travel costs; while Nefsis web collaboration provides all the tools needed for serious project reviews and online meetings.

We help our engineering customers by closing the gaps between headquarters offices and remote clients and construction sites. Unlike most other video conferencing technologies, Nefsis operates over almost any existing network, and uses low-cost webcams and off-the-shelf video conferencing equipment. What's more, Nefsis offers the most advanced online collaboration tools available anywhere. The ability to annotate over live applications, share CAD drawings, mark them up in real-time, and then save the changes makes Nefsis an ideal solution for engineers and construction professionals.

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Since Nefsis is Web—based and uses standard Web URLs and a point-and-click interface, you just turn on the computer and it works. I also enjoy the scalability and easier maintenance of the system. I don't have to worry about adding new office locations. The Nefsis cloud automatically manages it for me. — Edwin Villafana, GEI Consultants

Nefsis has enabled us to interact on a more consistent basis with our business line leaders throughout the country. We are able to connect, have productive and efficient meetings, and by using Nefsis, we have also saved a great deal of money. — Brian Gallagher, Structural Group

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