Video Conferencing for Training Remote Customers & Employees

Training is one of the most popular Nefsis applications. Online web and video conferencing is one of the best ways to teach staff and train clients with cost-effective, real-time results — no flying or driving required.

Nefsis live sharing, audio (VoIP) and high-quality video allow trainers to use a wide variety of teaching styles for product training, business processes, HR, safety compliance, mandated regulatory training, and virtually any business subject matter.

Instructors can share documents, applications, desktops and virtually anything on their PC. They can annotate over live applications drawing attention to specific areas of interest.  Nefsis advanced technology lets instructors play product demo movies, audio clips and rich media files (WMV) during class, fully synchronized with everyone's audio and video participation. Imagine, presenters can play a movie in a video conference and discuss it while it's playing. At the conclusion of a training session the teacher can deliver electronic hand-outs of any documents and materials presented, just as if the class was held in a physical conference room.

e-Learning Improves Reach & Frequency

The use of Nefsis for live instructor-led, e-learning programs can dramatically expand the reach and frequency of employee and remote customer training programs. Nefsis helps in two ways: 1) reducing or entirely eliminating the time and expense of travel; and 2) adding more flexibility making it easier to schedule classes and address hard-to-reach employees.

Examples in Healthcare, Construction ...

Estill Medical Technologies performs training for their remote customers and partners. Using online training they were able to reach rural clinics and remote international territories that would have been cost prohibitive with traditional in-person techniques. This flexibility helped increase the adoption of their medical devices and the company's growth rate.

Another benefit of online training programs is the ability to record sessions for employees who are unable to attend, or to build-out a training library. A unique feature of Nefsis is the ability to record sessions using industry standard formats. The recorded material can be used with popular rich media editing suites and learning content management systems. For example, Florida Rock has held training sessions for new employees and provided continuing education for more than 20 locations with Nefsis. More case studies ...

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