With Nefsis Video Conferencing You Can Telecommute Effectively and Meet Online Instead of Flying or Driving

Going green and reducing your company's carbon footprint can be a challenge. Many green technology options aren't available if you don't own your office building or production process. However, if you fly or drive, you really can save gas, time and money by using Nefsis for telecommuting, inter-office meetings, training and remote sales calls.

Nefsis is the latest video conferencing online service designed for virtual work-spaces and business-to-business online meetings.

Our green computing technology lets you share multiparty video, voice over the Internet (VoIP), and live applications all at the same time. Our multipoint video cloud achieves a fast, high-quality, and very fluid online meeting experience.

Our customers describe it like meeting in person, but more productive because all the data and applications accessible to your computer are easy to present and display.

Now you can fly and drive when and where you want, not all the time — and cut greenhouses gases to boot

Nefsis is an easy solution to use, it takes advantage of PCs and networks you already have, and represents a realistic, immediately available option to reduce your carbon footprint starting right this moment. Start a free trial now.

On-Demand Video Conferencing Is Easy

Enter my meeting roomThe Nefsis user interface is point and click, it makes it easy to start meetings, invite people, and share video. Nefsis provides prompts at each step, and anyone familiar with web browsing and office applications will have no trouble starting a free trial and using Nefsis for telecommuting and meeting online.

High Quality Video with Plug & Play Peripherals

Like many on-demand applications, Nefsis dramatically simplifies what used to be a complicated process – video conferencing. Today, even an ordinary webcam on any Pentium PC produces video quality on par with boardroom equipment sold a few years ago. A Logitech 9000 plug-and-play USB webcam produces stunning, full-screen video using nominal bandwidth.

So, you have PCs, webcams, and Internet connections, what's the missing piece? Getting connected, and that's where Nefsis comes in. The Nefsis server cloud can easily connect multiple employees and business users in the same meeting, even if they are in separate offices (behind separate firewalls and proxies).

Note: Being on-camera is optional, in many telecommuting and sales scenarios, only one or two attendees are on camera, the rest are attending the audio and live data sharing portion of an online meeting.

Webcam or no webcam, it couldn't be easier. It takes just minutes to start a free trial, and for your online meeting participants, they just click on a link, no hardware or software installation required.

More Productive Than Meeting in Person

A full suite of business-grade, web conferencing features are at your fingertips. Everything from simple PowerPoint and desktop sharing, to more comprehensive white boarding and annotation tools are available to you and all your meeting participants.

Green Technology & Realistic Carbon Footprint Reduction

On-demand video conferencing can reach virtually any business desktop worldwide. It is one of the few, realistic, green technologies available to businesses of all sizes, and it's available now. For example, by using Nefsis you and all your employees could telecommute one day per week.

This alone would be a huge reduction in burning fuel, and employee cost-of-living relief. Another good example is cutting repeat travel to recurring meetings. This too is a realistic, immediately available greenhouse gas reduction technique.

Start Your Free Trial and Save Gas, Time & Money

To learn more about Nefsis, please browse our website. Or even better, just start your free trial and see Nefsis working right from your own desktop. Yes, YOU CAN cut your fuel bills starting right now.

You can schedule a live Nefsis demo or contact us for quick answers to any technical questions you may have.