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Nefsis Online User Manual - tray icon, contact list, conferencing & more

Online User Manual :: Nefsis Contact List

Text Chats

While popup messages are useful for brief or intermittent notices, text chats can be used for when you are in need of a more substantial conversation online.

The following articles will guide you through how to start and manage text chats.

Start a text chat

You can start a text chat by right-clicking on the contact or group you wish to chat with and then selecting Text Chat.

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Invite contacts to text chat

If you already have a text chat conversation open, you can quickly invite additional people into the conversation by using the Add Contact option within the chat window.






Delete a text chat

Nefsis will keep any text chats that have been closed or finished, just in case you ever need to refer to them in future. However you can choose to permenently delete them.






Retrieve old text chats

You can select the My Chats tab in Nefsis to view a list of old text chats. Simply double-clicking on an old text chat will open it.






View unread text chats

On occasions you may get sent chat messages while you're away from your computer or you might not see if you're too busy. Nefsis will alert you to any unread text chats.





Text chat previews

By using the text chat preview option, you can quickly view the most recent entry in each text chat you've been involved in.






Text chat reading pane

You can easily view text chats without having to individually open them, by using the Reading Pane feature on the "My Chats" tab.