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For simplicity, Nefsis will set you up with your own personal meeting room. This room is used whenever you invite contacts or groups into a web conference. However, you can change this to another room if required.


Enter my meeting room...

To enter your own personal meeting room, just visit the Start tab.

  • Open Nefsis using the tray icon

  • Select Start tab

  • Click Enter my meeting room
    Web Conferencing & Online Meetings

Inviting a contact to your meeting room...

Inviting a contact to join you in your personal meeting room is easy! Just follow these steps below...

  • Open Nefsis using the tray icon

  • Select Contacts tab

  • Select the contact or group to invite

  • Select Send to my meeting room

  • Click Start meeting


Inviting someone NOT in your contact list...

Should you wish to invite someone who isn't on your contact list, you can invite them via email, or by asking them to enter a "conference ID" at

Send an email...

  • Open Nefsis using the tray icon

  • Select Start tab

  • Click Invite by email
    Web Conferencing & Online Meetings

  • Enter the person's email address in the "To" field of the email

  • Click Send

Alternatively: Use

  • Ask the person to visit

  • Type in the conference ID and password (if you've set one) of your personal meeting room
    Web Conferencing & Online Meetings

  • Click Join and follow the on-screen instructions.


Change my meeting room...

Your personal meeting room is automatically created when you login for the first-time. However, if you've created additional conference rooms, you can change your personal meeting room to a different one.

With Expert view enabled...

  • Select "n" application menu

  • Select Show my conferences

  • Right-click on the conference to set as your new personal room, then click Set as My Meeting Room.

  • Your personal meeting room, will be displayed in bold (example below)


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