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Customer Testimonials about Nefsis Video Conferencing Software & Online Services

Reviews, Comments and Feedback

Nefsis web and video conferencing software and online services are used by businesses large and small, government agencies, educational institutions and non-profits worldwide. Explore some of our customer comments, reviews and testimonials below. Contact us for a personal customer referral.

Customer Testimonials of Nefsis Video Conferencing

"Now, anyone in the company, or customers for that matter, are just a mouse click away."
– Jason K., Structural Group

"It's just a matter of adding a few peripherals to standard computers."
– Tim L., District Court

"Our new employees are better trained and therefore better equipped." 
Jose G.,


Thousands of technology customers

"It saves time seeing the latest project development daily." – Will F., NOAA

"A low-cost and efficient method to train customers and employees. ...We really like using video, especially to start and end training sessions and for the question and answer period at the end. It brings a very personal, friendly and interactive feel to the session." – Robyn D., The Marketing Group

"...we conduct regular meetings with employees, who are dispersed across 30 offices...pretty darn easy to use." – Mark E., Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America

"We're able to offer high quality, easy-to-use video conferencing to anyone with access to a computer and an Internet browser." – Bojan K., Fanshaw College

"We've been using the hosted version at 10 of our 12 widely dispersed offices since August of last year to avoid travel costs." – Jason C., Utah Department of Natural Resources

"We especially like the multiparty video feature." – Justin I., Hawaii Pacific University

Users of Nefsis online meetings service

"...effective training is key to customer satisfaction...[now] we are able to provide a rich training experience." – Alan M., Interfaceware

"See each other and review documents at the same time – across 4 offices. easy to use that no formal training is necessary." – Traci H., Pulse, Inc.

"Traditional video conferencing systems proved far too expensive. ...We were impressed by how cost effective it was. Amazing." – James T., SMI Group

"Easily communicate complex topics." – Bill B., Kent College Pembury

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