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Create a Scheduled Conference


Generally most users will find one conference room enough for day-to-day activities.
However in some cases, you may want to schedule a conference so that it starts at a specific time and date.

NOTE: A scheduled conference will expire 1 hour after the last attendee leaves.
To disable the automatic deletion of the conference room, click here to learn about customizing start and end times.


With Expert View enabled...

  • Open Nefsis using the tray icon

  • Select the "n" application menu

  • Select Schedule a conference and enter a topic (required)

  • Select Schedule

  • Specify a start date, time and the time zone for the conference

  • Select Invitations

  • Select Add to add invitees to the conference

  • Select Outlook contacts to expand your Outlook address book
      • a) Select the Outlook contact to invite
    • b) Click Include to add them to the list
    • c) Repeat "a" and "b" to add other conference attendees

    • Alternatively...
      You can enter attendee email addresses by clicking on Add regular email address and entering the person's email address and name.

  • Click Invite to confirm your attendee selection

  • Select Invite email

  • Enter a Reply to email address (e.g. your own address) in case an invitee replies to your email with a question.

    Want to send a reminder email to your attendees..?
    If you would like an automatic email sent to your invitees, follow these extra steps...
    a) Click Reminder email
    b) Tick Send an email reminder to all invitees
    c) Select when you would like the email sent prior to the scheduled start time (e.g. 15 mins)

  • Click OK to create the conference and to send the invites to the attendees listed on step 8.

  • Click OK again.

    Did you know? Once you have created it, you can edit and join the conference
    by using the "Show my conferences" list.

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