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Nefsis Online User Manual - advanced options for web, VoIP & video conferencing

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Advanced Conference Options

For those of you who wish to customize your conference rooms, Nefsis can provide you with a series of advanced options. These options are especially useful for managing multiple web and video conferencing events, or creating and managing multiple conference rooms with specific online meeting controls.

Customer meeting hosts may can contact support for assistance or free training with these features.


Lets you enter a brief description or title of the conference and allows you to add password protection.

Web Conferencing & Online Meetings







Specify when the conference is scheduled to start and the duration of the conference.







Choose whether or not audio is enabled for the conference, or to allow audio to come on automatically.





Fine tune video for the conference, including the default and maximum video resolution, frames per second and quality.







Configure the conference's standard layout. Choose from a number of layout styles including automatically making the conference launch in "full screen".






This section can customize what features are available for everyone the conference.







Manage what privileges regular participants have when they join your conference room.





Join message

Create your own customized message for people joining your conference.






Deny message

Create your own message for when people attempt to join your conference when it is disabled (closed).






Setting up a scheduled conference? Manage invitations to attendees with registrations, RSVP and reminder emails.







Displays general information of the conference, such as its topic, start date, time, duration and time zone. It also displays the three unique web addresses and passwords for joining the conference as a Host, Presenter or Participant.





Load Template

If you want to use and apply a previously created conference template, use the "Load Template" feature and apply a template. This is a useful way to configure your conference quickly and efficiently.