Video Conferencing Guide
    & Online User Manual

Nefsis Conferencing

Whenever you're invited into or hosting an online meeting, you'll be using Nefsis conferencing features. You can share and collaborate on documents, presentations, live applications, and media files, while taking advantage of webcams and built-in PC audio (voice over IP).

These features generally appear in the order they are typically used, making it easier for new users to become productive with Nefsis. In addition, these features are displayed on the "Start" page for handy reference.

With years of customer feedback, Nefsis defaults to the most often-used audio, video and application display settings, so you can get right down to business during your first few meetings; yet the detailed controls for web events, multiple presenters, boardroom set-ups and other advanced capabilities are within your reach.


Nefsis Contact List

Key Features

Sharing & Collaboration
Share documents, presentations, live applications...

Use videos / webcams
Start, stop webcams, adjust quality & styles...

Use audio / VoIP
Unmute, mute microphones, adjust quality...

Control the user-hierarchy
Hosts, Presenters, Participants, promote & demote...









Getting Started...

Here is a quick guide to get you up-and-running for a Nefsis Conference!

  • Install webcam and headset

    Before entering a conference for the first-time, install any software that came with your webcam and then connect your webcam and headset to the computer.

    Don't have a headset? You can always use the microphone built into the webcam or laptop (if available) and speakers.

  • Enter your meeting room

    Make sure you've downloaded and installed the Nefsis Contact List; you can then follow this article to easily enter your conference as a Host in just a few clicks.

    Did you know? You can also enter your meeting room via your web browser by logging into with your email address and password.

  • Invite people!

    Once in your conference, click Invite by email to create a new email message, or click Invite using my contacts to send an invitation to people in your Nefsis Contact List.

  • Control the video and audio

    You can play everyone's video and audio in a conference as a Host, by clicking Turn on everyone's video and Unmute everyone's audio on the "start" page.

  • Share something!

    Under the Share tab, you can share documents, presentations, desktops, applications, regions, web browsers, whiteboards, files or media files with other people.