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Application Menu

A wealth of advanced options can be found by using the Nefsis application menu.

Expert & Easy views

Using Expert view will display more options in the application menu. Click on the letter "n" in the upper-left corner, this is called the (Vista style) application menu, and it will display more "Conference Options." Use these advanced settings if you need more than one online meeting room, use conference rooms with pre-configured controls, or run multiple, scheduled web video meetings.

Web Conferencing & Online Meetings






Show my conferences

Accessible with Expert view, this will open a separate window, which will list any conferences that you have created or own.






Schedule a conference

Accessible with Expert view, this allows you to create a new scheduled conference for a specific start date and time. It will also give you the ability to send out invitations with a custom message.






Start quick conference

Accessible with Expert view, it gives you the ability to create a conference quickly, just by entering a topic and clicking OK.







Join existing conference

This option can be used to join someone else's conference, by providing a conference ID (required) and password (optional).







Hide offline contacts

If you only want to see online contacts in Nefsis, select this option.


Change password

Use this option to modify your current Nefsis password.







Check for updates

Select this option to manually check for new Nefsis updates.








This option will log you out of Nefsis, but will leave the application running.







About Box & Revision Level

The small-print of Nefsis; displaying revision/release information.







Opens the door to a wealth of application settings and customizations.





Logout & exit

Use this option to log you out and close Nefsis.