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Nefsis Online User Manual - tray icon, contact list, conferencing & more

Online User Manual :: Nefsis Contact List


This section will help point out various features of the Nefsis Contact List that you may not have immediately stumbled upon!

Forgot your password

Should you ever forget your Nefsis password, you can retrieve it by clicking "Forgot your password?".






Expert & Easy views

Nefsis allows you to show or hide more advanced features by using what are called "Expert" and "Easy" views.






Regular, Picture & Preview views

Nefsis provides you three ways to view your contacts. These views can be toggled on and off by using the three icons in the bottom right-hand corner of the Nefsis Contact List.






Add your personal picture

You can personalize Nefsis by adding a picture of yourself or indeed any picture you wish! This picture will be displayed to all of your contacts..






Modify your personal picture

You can modify the brightness, contrast and sharpness of your existing Nefsis picture by clicking on it and selecting the "Modify..." option.






Remove your personal picture

Should you wish to remove your existing picture, you can do so by clicking on it and selecting the "Clear..." option.






Nefsis application menu

A wealth of application options can be found by using the n application menu.






Nefsis settings

Delving deeper into Nefsis, you will find a whole host of advanced settings and customization options.






Change connection settings

If you experience problems logging in, it may be worthwhile checking or modifying the connection settings in Nefsis.






Switch layout

The Nefsis Contact List allows you to easily switch the layout by clicking the layout button at the top of the window.





Set my status

Your Nefsis "status" will determine how you're alerted to popup messages, text chats, file transfers and conference invites from other contacts.





Change my display name & message

This in most cases will be your first name and will be visible to other contacts in your list. Along with your display name, you can also choose to display a "personal message".