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Everything video (webcam) related! In Nefsis, you have complete control over videos in a conference.

Play video

As a Host in a conference, you can easily play other participants' webcams / videos by clicking Play All under the Video tab.

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Pause video

Should you need to pause anyone's video in a conference, you can select Pause All (to pause everyone) or right-click on an individual and select Pause Video to pause just theirs.






Stop video

Stop webcams / videos in a conference as a Host by either selecting Stop All (to stop everyone's) or right-click on a participant and select Stop Video to stop just theirs.






My video settings

Choose and test your preferred webcam or video device for use in the conference.






Video playback options

Change the way webcams / videos are started in a Nefsis conference by selecting Video Playback via the Video tab.






Show video names

Easily put a face to a name in Nefsis, by clicking the "Show names" icon above the webcams / videos.






Change video style

In Nefsis, you have a wide choice of video styles to choose from. These are all accessible via the "style" drop down box above the webcams / videos.






Change video device & settings

Should you ever need to change your own (or another participant's) video device, you can right-click on an attendee in the user-list and select Video settings...






Change video quality

As a Host, you can adjust everyone's webcam / video quality in just a couple of clicks.






Change video resolution

Should you wish to lower or raise the video resolutions for everyone in the conference, you can do so via the Video tab in the conference. The higher the resolution, the sharper the image - but will use more bandwidth.






Change video frames per second (FPS)

You can easily adjust the "refresh rate" or the "smoothness" of the videos in a conference by lowering or rasing the Frames Per Second via the Video tab. The higher the Frames Per Second, the more bandwidth is used.






Change video sharpness

Particularly useful when you're after fine detail in a webcam / video, a Host can change the sharpness of videos under the Video tab. Using "Crisp" sharpness will use more bandwidth than "Normal" sharpness.






Advanced video settings

If you want to make adjustments to your webcam or video device, you can find additional options via the Settings menu.

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