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Conference Layouts


You can change the layout of the conference by selecting the Layout tab and clicking any of the layouts provided. "Style 1" is the standard layout in Nefsis.

The following article will guide you through how to change the layout and what they're often used for.


  • While in a Nefsis conference...
  • Select the Layout tab
  • Select a Layout style

Layouts explained...

  • Style 1
    The standard (or default) layout in Nefsis and is typically the most common and versatile for most people's needs. Any live videos, text chat conversations and the participant list will be displayed on the left with any shared material on the right.

  • Style 2
    Essentially a mirror of the "Style 1" layout; where you have any live videos, text chat and participant list on the right-hand side, with any shared files appearing on the left.

  • Style 3
    Aligns all live webcams / videos horizontally across the top of the screen with any text chats (if used) and the participant list on the right-hand side. Any files that are being shared will be shown underneath the horizontal videos.

  • Webinar
    Similar to the traditional broadcast or seminar - this layout will hide the pariticipant list and text chat and will just display any live videos or webcams and the shared document, presentation, application or media file.

  • Share Only
    Will hide all videos, text chats, the participant list and will only show what is currently being shared.

  • Video Only
    Useful for the more traditional video conference calls, when you're not interesting in collaborating or sharing files. Only videos / webcams will be shown in the conference (and audio - if enabled and unmuted).

  • Full Screen
    Will maximize the Nefsis conference to the full size of your screen.

  • Follow My Layout
    If you're a Host or have been given the Control Layout privilege, you have the power to enable (or turn on) Follow My Layout. This allows you to mirror your exact conference layout to all other participants!

  • Apply My Layout
    If you're a Host or have been given the Control Layout privilege, you can mirror (or apply) your current layout to all other participants. However, any further layout adjustments you make will not be replicated to other participants, unless you click "Apply My Layout" again.


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