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Play a recording


Once a recording has been made in Nefsis, it can be distributed or played back for future use. The way the recording is played back will depend on the original recording format.


Play an FLV recording...

To play a recording done in Flash (FLV), you can often just double-click on the recording to open it in Nefsis' Flash Player.

You can open the Nefsis Flash Player from your Windows Start menu to play the recording...

  • Select Start -> All Programs -> Nefsis -> Launch Flash Player
  • Select File -> Open
  • Locate the FLV recording and click Open


Play an HTML recording...

You can play a Nefsis recording done in HTML, by double-clicking on the HTML file. This should then open it in a web browser, which will then play the recording.

  • Double-click on the HTML file
  • This will open the recording in your web browser


    NOTE: An HTML recording actually has 3 files - so make sure you keep them together.
    The HTML recording has a) an HTML file - which acts as a "container", b) an FLV file - the actual recording, and c) an SWF file - which helps load and operate the FLV file.

Play an AVI recording...

An AVI recording in Nefsis can be played back by double-clicking on the AVI file. This will open it up in Windows Media Player (or similar media player - depending on how your computer is set up).

  • Double-click on the AVI file
  • This will open the recording in Windows Media Player (or similar)

    NOTE: An AVI recording can only be played back on a PC which has the WiredRed Codec.
    The codec can however be installed on PC's which don't have Nefsis, by running wrcodec.exe.

    Did you know? An AVI recording can be converted into other popular formats, such as WMV, MPEG, MOV by using 3rd party video editing / encoding software. However, please note that Nefsis is unable to offer any support for converting AVI files.


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