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This section will help point out various features of a Nefsis Conference that you may not have immediately come across.

The Start page

Upon entering a Nefsis conference as a Host or Presenter, you are shown a "start" page. This can be really useful to help you invite other people, turn on microphones, webcams and to start sharing documents and applications.






Change my display name

In a Nefsis conference, you may want to set your display name to something friendly so that other conference attendees know who you are...






Join a conference

If you have been invited to join a Nefsis conference, you can join either via email, or by clicking Accept on an invitation balloon (if invited via the Nefsis Contact List).






Leave a conference

You can easily leave a conference wih just a few clicks, either by selecting the "n" application menu (top-left corner) and clicking Leave Conference or just closing the window like any other application.






End a conference

If you would like to delete or end a conference once finished, you can do so at the end of the conference session. If any participants are still in the conference, they will be expelled.






Lock & Unlock a conference

If you would like to lock or unlock a conference, you can do so by clicking on the "n" application menu in the top-left corner.






Record a conference

As long as you have the Record privilege, you can record any conference for later use in Flash, HTML or AVI.






Play a recording

Once a recording has been made, it can be played back in a number of ways. The easiest is often just to double-click on it.






Invite attendees to a conference

As a Host in a Nefsis conference, you can invite other people to the meeting via email or by using the Nefsis Contact List (if installed).






Take host or presenter

If you know (or have been given) the "Host" password, you can use the Take host or presenter feature to quickly and easily promote yourself and receive additional controls and privileges.






Check for updates

Select this option to manually check for new Nefsis Conferencing updates.






About Box & Revision Level

If you're ever asked what revision or release of Nefsis you are using, the "About Nefsis" feature is the place to go.







Located at the bottom of the Nefsis application menu, it offers a number of different options to personalize and modify your conference set up.






Exit a conference

You can exit or leave a conference by clicking Exit via the "n" application menu or by closing the window like any other application.






System & Connection ratings

System and connection ratings can help give you an idea on how your conference experience will go. The more "bars" you have for your computer and connection, generally the better your conference experience will be.






Bandwidth Monitor

The Bandwidth Monitor allows you to easily view the amount of data being sent from your computer to a Nefsis conference.






Network Diagnostics

A collection of tools that can be very useful in testing the quality and performance of the connection between you and the Nefsis conference.






Recording codec

Installing the Recording Codec allows you to record using Nefsis' own AVI format. The codec also needs to be installed on other computers wishing to playback the AVI recording.