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Press Release — San Diego, California, December 29, 2010 — Nefsis Expands Product Line with Presence and Secure IM Add-On. Free applet makes it easy to bring co-workers into an ad hoc video conference. Press Release - Nefsis Secure Instant Messaging

Press Release — San Diego, California, December 23, 2010 — Weather Closures Highlight Technology Alternatives to Travel.
Press Release - Nefsis Basic, Free Video Conferencing Alternative to Winter Travel

Press Release — San Diego, California, December 15, 2010 — New Online Meeting Management Features. Nefsis adds more email templates, iCalendar support and virtual waiting room tools.
Press Release - New Features for Recurring Online Meeting Management

Press Release — San Diego, California, December 10, 2010 — The Top 10 Reasons for Moving Video Conferencing to the Cloud.  Less expensive, easy maintenance and security lead the pack.
Press Release - Top 10 Reasons

Press Release — San Diego, California, December 1, 2010 — Team Warfare League Selects Nefsis Video Conferencing. Fast, high-quality video and live media sharing were basis for selection by distributed staff and referees that work from home offices.
Press Release - TWL Selects Nefsis

Press Release — San Diego, California, November 23, 2010 — Nefsis Makes Virtual Deskside Visits Easy. Built-in desktop sharing, remote control and file transfer provide an alternative to time consuming, physical deskside visits.
Press Release - Deskside Visits Made Easy | Applications: Help Desk & Remote Support

Press Release — San Diego, California, November 17, 2010 — Another Business Application Moves to the Cloud: Video Conferencing. Nefsis announces worldwide coverage, millions of conferencing minutes and customers in 24 countries as proof-points for moving to the cloud.
Press Release - Video Conferencing Moving to the Cloud

How To — November 12, 2010 — Nefsis collaboration features include rich media sharing. Meeting hosts can play movie files and training films in a fully interactive video conference.

Press Release — San Diego, California, November 9, 2010 — Hotel Parisi Selects Nefsis. Expanded business center now includes video conferencing powered by Nefsis.
Press Release - Hotel Parisi Chooses Nefsis

Tech Note — November 8, 2010 — With new HD 720p webcams and 1080p conference room cameras, it is important to make sure there are no bottlenecks at any step between video capture and display. This tech note covers each step in 'when is HD not high definition?'

Press Release — San Diego, California, November 3, 2010 — Nefsis Benefits ASL Users. Nefsis high frame rates are a breakthrough for American Sign Language users and service providers.
Press Release - Nefsis ASL Customers

Press Release — San Diego, California, October 26, 2010 — Nefsis Collaboration Features Raising the Bar in Video Conferencing Industry. Built-in live sharing, annotation, playing movies and electronic handouts widen the gap between online services and stand-alone solutions.
Press Release - Nefsis Web Collaboration

How To — October 25, 2010 — Most customers use Nefsis document and application sharing, including built-in annotation tools. But few know you can save annotations, too.

Press Release — San Diego, California, October 20, 2010 — Nefsis supports HD webcams such as the Microsoft Lifecam Cinema HD and Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910.
Press Release - Nefsis Supports HD 720p Webcams

Webcam Reviews — October 19, 2010 — New HD webcams by Microsoft and Logitech are both capable of 720p; perfect for high-quality desktop video conferencing and small conference rooms.
Nefsis Review: Logitech HD Pro C910 | Nefsis Review: Microsoft Lifecam Cinema HD

Press Release — San Diego, California, October 14, 2010 — Nefsis Posts Report on Video Conferencing & HIPAA. The report addresses issues in HIPAA compliance for web and video conferencing online services in telemedicine, telepsychiatry and remote clinic support.
Press Release - Nefsis Helps With Compliance  |  Report - Video Conferencing & HIPAA

Press Release, San Diego, California, September 28, 2010 — Introducing Nefsis Basic. Nefsis announces entry-level, two-party web, VoIP and video conferencing for small business. The new online service features business-grade security, helping consultants, home office and small business owners to meet online with corporate clients worldwide.
Press Release - Nefsis Basic

Press Release, San Diego, California, July 23, 2010 — Nefsis expands scalable video. Recent shipments of Windows 7 comprised almost entirely of multicore computers, showcase Nefsis scalable video conferencing capabilities. The raw CPU power and multicore concurrency in Windows 7 and Nefsis make business video conferencing faster and easier. Nefsis scalable video coding also lets customers use any Internet connection type or video peripheral, further simplifying video conferencing for business users.
Press Release — Nefsis Expands Scalable Video Coding (SVC)

Case Study, June 24, 2010Portland Community College selects Nefsis for Helpdesk operations. Nefsis video conferencing features allow remote staff to be 'virtually' present at PCC's centralized call center while working remotely. Application sharing and other collaborative tools enhance teamwork and retain the benefits of a centralized facility, even for remote staff.
PCC Case Study

Press Release, Chichester, UK, April 20, 2010 — The Eyjafjallajokull volcano eruption and associated air travel delays continue, spurring interest in video conferencing throughout Europe. Beyond the obvious use of video conferencing as a business travel alternative, the widespread Eyjafjallajokull fall-out highlights the benefits of next generation solutions such as Nefsis whose cloud computing technology can reach any business desktop or conference room with a PC and Internet connection. Traditional limitations such as installed-sites-only do not apply.
Press Release — Volcano-Related Travel Delays Spur Video Conferencing

Press Release, December 29, 2009 — Nefsis announces Live HD media sharing. Nefsis web and video conferencing customers can now play HD media files during their online meetings, while interacting with each other over multipoint VoIP and video conferencing.
Press Release — Nefsis Live Media Sharing

Press Release, November 9, 2009 — Nefsis announces v5.2 now available in 10 languages, enabling instant video conferencing across multinational offices. Additional enhancements in v5.2 include new software-assisted set-up, an animated main share panel with online meeting prompts, and expanded HD hardware and proxy traversal.
Press Release — International Office Conferencing

Customer Update, September 2009 — Nefsis ships the only FIPS 140-2 compliant web & multipoint video conferencing software solution. The new Dedicated Server Edition provides customer-premise access points and virtual conference servers, with more security controls such as those required by FIPS 140-2.
Press Release — FIPS 140-2 Compliant | Video Conferencing Security

Tutorial, July 2009 — Video Conference Room Design. This tutorial is an introduction to audio/video conference room design for IT managers on a budget. Decor, lighting, glass windows and your choice of video conferencing hardware all affect the quality of your online meetings. Fortunately, with Nefsis built-in echo cancellation, and a wide variety of industry standard cameras, you can outfit almost every room within a reasonable budget. Whether you have a cinder block room with poor acoustics (e.g., video arraignment), or a conference room with glass on two sides, armed with these tips, almost any design challenge can be conquered.

Customer Update News, July 2009 — Nefsis adds more contact list options for Microsoft Outlook, and deepens its support for Microsoft Vista 64-bit and Windows 7 (release candidate).

Industry Commentary, May 2009 — An Introduction to HD Video Conferencing for Business.
This commentary provides an introduction to HD conferencing, complete with technical definitions and bandwidth charts. It also includes smart strategies for taking advantage of industry standard peripherals, to achieve high-quality business video conferencing, from boardroom-to-desktop.

Customer Update News, April 2009 — Nefsis delivers software-based acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) for multiparty, voice over Internet conferencing. This new technology is optimized for online meeting participants using webcam microphones (VoIP), laptop microphones, and other desktop devices without hardware-based audio scrubbing. Nefsis AEC proves effective for online meetings with participants dispersed worldwide on highly variable Internet connections.

Forum Post, April 2009 — Nefsis Customer Care posts a Phoenix Audio Duet Review for small and medium conference rooms.

Industry Commentary, March 2009 — Telepresence Versus Standards-Based Computing. This commentary explores telepresence and the challenge posed by widely available HD peripherals and business-class video conferencing software.

Forum Post, March 2009 — Nefsis customer care posts a Logitech 9000 Review, with screenshots and test results. The Logitech 9000 is one of the most popular business webcams.

Customer Update News, January 2009 — Nefsis adds web and video conference recording in Flash file format. By providing both WMV and Flash file outputs, Nefsis provides customers with more flexibility for editing, storing and managing conference recordings.

Industry Commentary, December 2008 — The Future of Video Conferencing. The future is secure cloud computing and easy video conferencing with any desktop or conference room worldwide.

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