Nefsis Corporation Timeline

Nefsis® has been advancing the state-of-the-art in real-time communications software since 1998.

The Company has proven expertise in cloud computing, video conferencing, and network security.

History of Innovation

  • 1998 – Company founded1 by Allen Drennan to create a general purpose, software-based multipoint real-time communications framework for enterprise networks

  • 2001 – First to offer company-wide presence management and secure instant messaging through
    server-to-server pipes across physically distributed networks

  • 2003 – First to offer easy install for web conferencing server software, with no install-time dependencies
             – The Company's multipoint VoIP technology was licensed by Sony® Online Entertainment for its
                PlanetSide™ multiplayer online game (details)

  • 2004 – First to include multipoint video as a standard feature in a web conferencing solution
             – The Company's real-time routing framework, presence management, instant messaging, and
                web conferencing software was licensed by New Heights Software™ for use in New Heights
                and Mitel® softphone products (details)

  • 2005 – First to offer web, VoIP and video conferencing using secure connections and customer's PKI

  • 2006 – Pioneered dynamically optimized, variable bitrate (scalable) desktop sharing, VoIP, and multipoint video mixing

  • 2007 – First video conferencing vendor to support Windows Vista, Aero interface, and mixed webcam, standard definition, and high-definition (HD) peripherals in the same video conferencing session

  • Nefsis Receives Award for Industry's First Video Conferencing Cloud2008 – Nefsis introduced as a cloud-based, video conferencing online service. In September the following year, Frost & Sullivan presented the '2009 European Conferencing & Collaboration Product Differentiation Award' to WiredRed for its new online service. "With its latest offering, Nefsis, WiredRed became the first company in the world to offer a conferencing service solution based on the technologies of cloud-computing, end-to-end parallel processing and multipoint video conferencing."

  • 2009 – Pioneered acoustic echo cancellation across multipoint connections with
                variable latency times
             – First to offer live, HD media sharing in a multipoint video conference, with synchronous play,
                pause, audio and video across all interactive participants

  • 2010  – The Company changed its name to Nefsis Corporation1
              – Expanded advanced collaboration features, adding annotation over live applications
              – Unicode enabled, with support for 10 languages
              – Nefsis cloud expands globally, now serving customers in over 45 countries worldwide

  • 2011  – Nefsis further expands cloud and customer base
              – Nefsis acquired by, and becomes part of, the global Brother group of companies

1. Nefsis was originally founded as WiredRed Corporation and conducted business as WiredRed Corporation and WiredRed Software®. Nefsis products prior to version 5 were sold under WiredRed's e/pop® brand. The name Nefsis was initially used to brand the Company's first cloud-based product release. Today, Nefsis is both the Company's name and ongoing brand for all Company activities.

Nefsis, e/pop, and WiredRed Software are registered trademarks of Nefsis Corporation.
All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.