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Are you still relying on separate audio conference calls and standalone video conferencing hardware for your online meetings? Take a few minutes right now to learn about Nefsis fully integrated online audio video conferencing services, and save hundreds of hours managing separate video conferencing, collaboration software and audio conferencing components.

Nefsis Highlights

  • Premium video conferencing online services — for desktops, conference rooms and boardrooms
  • Support for a wide variety of video conferencing equipment, webcams and HD video peripherals
  • Built-in web conferencing and collaboration features
  • Audio conferencing using VoIP or seamlessly integrated teleconferencing
      • Domestic toll and toll-free, international toll and toll-free
      • Standard dial-in services, with option for dial-out
      • Custom pricing plans and high-volume discounts
      • Easy to use, point-and-click user interface
  • IT policy friendly — Nefsis uses industry standard URLs, SSL/TLS security, and virtualized servers with high-scalability, load balancing and automatic fail-over capabilities
  • White glove customer service — live sales and technical support, plus free training

online Audio video Conferencing services

Many organizations fortunate enough to invest in room-based video conferencing typically start with a point-to-point installation, and then over time it grows to include more rooms and eventually becomes a multipoint video conferencing installation.

As more executives and employees use these facilities, the next logical steps are adding live web collaboration — presentation, application and desktop sharing — and dial-in teleconferencing services. Then, before you know it, the time drain kicks in: IT staff are left with managing multiple, standalone video conferencing installations, video switching equipment (if not built-in), separate collaboration software, audio conferencing services, and various employee web portals or manual procedures for tying it all together, plus some very detailed work making sure all the various components meet corporate IT security policies.

When organizations realize how much time they can save by using the same online service for all three requirements — audio, video and web conferencing — Nefsis becomes a compelling choice. Especially where desktop video conferencing is involved, and Nefsis firewall and proxy traversal and secure conferencing yields the highest possible connection success rates.

Nefsis: Better than Audio Conferencing alone

Conference calls move only voice audio over telephone connections, but audio conferencing with video can carry both voice and webcam or HD video images of all participants straight from their desktop computer or conference room. It also permits document sharing and annotation in real time so that conference calls become interactive online meetings instead of merely a group of people looking at each other without making substantial progress on the work at hand.

Conference calls use the POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) and wireless networks to connect people. This means that somebody has to pay, and so the host must decide between a normal (toll) or a toll-free number for the conference. Nefsis audio conferencing with video gives you the same choices, plus multipoint VoIP which incurs no telephone charges at all. This can be very useful for a variety of international, employee-only or other recurring online meetings where a few minutes spent configuring a headset can translate into thousands of dollars of savings. Yet telephone audio conferencing is still available at the click of a mouse for sales and customer-facing conferences where picking up a phone does the job.

Save Time Versus Standalone Video Conferencing Solutions

Traditional video conferencing products from companies like Polycom, Tandberg and Lifesize are a step up from conference calls, but a very expensive step up. These products usually involve a group in one room seeing and talking to a group in another, distant room over an expensive, dedicated Internet connection. Both the standalone equipment and the dedicated Internet connection are expensive. Sometimes these boardroom-quality video conferencing products include software for sharing files on each end of the connection, which requires yet another piece of equipment: a PC.

The main advantage of video conferencing is that it allows businesses to reduce expenditures on travel, while allowing them to deliver live presentations to more customers, prospects, vendors and co-workers. Nefsis video conferences also accommodate sharing media files, i.e., play training films and production demonstration movies during a video conference.

The video quality in traditional, room-based video conferencing solutions is generally high, but so is the cost. Organizations can expect to spend thousands of dollars per endpoint to deploy a video conferencing product, not including data services fees for dedicated connections. And, even after that investment, the product still serves only two endpoints; connecting more offices, rooms and users means more costly equipment and dedicated lines.

Using cloud computing and multi-core processing technology, Nefsis developed a way to encode and decode audio video conferences up to HD quality using standard webcams and HD video peripherals, standard office PCs and Internet connections. It uses standard office networking facilities most businesses already have. Using this web-based video conferencing approach, all web, VoIP and video conferencing features are built-in; and the online service is also seamlessly integrated with carrier-grade telephone audio conferencing services. The Nefsis customer can elect to use some or all Nefsis features in any meeting, on-the-fly.

video quality far above typical Web Conferencing services

Web conferencing products from companies like Skype and Microsoft approach the online meeting from the bottom of the market. Their online meetings combine a free or freemium web-based service with inexpensive webcams running on an ordinary PC.

Most web conferencing products also include collaboration tools for sharing desktops, browsers and applications like Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat. This allows conference participants to mark up and annotate documents in real time, making online meetings even more effective.

The strength of web conferencing products lies in their affordability, accessibility and built-in collaboration tools, but they lack the high-quality video of traditional video conferencing products. Using multi-core processing software, Nefsis solved that problem rendering HD quality anywhere bandwidth is sufficient.

Nefsis audio conferencing with video bridges the gap between high quality video conferencing previously found only in boardroom systems, and the affordability, built-in collaboration tools, and easy accessibility of web conferencing online services. Today, you can have both high-quality video and web accessibility.

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Nefsis is the only online audio video conferencing service that uses a truly distributed, cloud computing architecture and multi-core parallel processing at each participant.

Nefsis audio video conferencing screenshot

Nefsis FREE TrialThis foundation explains how the Nefsis audio, video and web conferencing experience is so fast, with such high-quality images. It's far superior to other web conferencing competitors, yet far less expensive than Polycom, Tandberg & Lifesize standalone video conferencing hardware.

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