Video Calling for Business

Video Calling for Business Defined

Video calling for businesses allows for interactive visual communications in real time via the Internet. While consumer video calling is generally a 2-party service using webcams and voice over IP headsets (VoIP), many business services provide multipoint video, VoIP or telephone audio, and varying levels of web collaboration features. In addition, the best services provide substantial firewall and proxy traversal for distributed enterprise networks that require communications services to operate within IT security policies.

This innovative technology helps build relationships and permits one to communicate effectively with colleagues, customers, and clients all over the world, while slashing traveling expenses.

 Video calling brings the meeting to the comfort of your own office.

What to Look For in a Video Calling Provider

It's simple. Business people need a business grade solution. Many consumer video calling services are not secure, and some use peer-to-peer (P2P) technology that results in widely varying bandwidth and video quality. Plus it  distributes your presence status and communications content on dozens or hundreds of other computers — including the general public and potentially competitors' computers too. For multipoint video calling most P2P technologies require a range of open ports, and the P2P architecture described above simply cannot make connections to business desktops behind firewalls.

What to look for in a business solution? An online service with bandwidth dedicated to business usage with no consumer traffic overhead, secure connections (SSL/TSL), client/server or client/cloud computing architecture with solid firewall and proxy traversal features. There are other feature-functional requirements too, but without good, secure connections, most consumer services simply do not work in a business environment.

Why Choose Nefsis for Video Calling for Business?

Multipoint Video Conferencing

Nefsis Basic is a free online service, it provides basic video calling for up to two participants. It is a business-grade solution providing security, firewall and proxy traversal for business users, and there is no consumer traffic overhead.

Nefsis Professional offers unlimited multipoint HD video conferencing for desktops and rooms — the only practical limits are your license count and available bandwidth at each participant. Nefsis easily provides multipoint video conferencing using a combination of parallel processing, cloud computing, and scalable video.

HD Video Quality

In business-to-business (B2B) video calling, picture quality and decent frame rates are very important.

Nefsis provides HD video conferencing, the same quality as provided by telepresence studios costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Nefsis was designed to support HD, including video processing and bandwidth requirements. Nefsis parallel processing technology easily handles the CPU workload, and its cloud computing architecture automatically distributes and manages bandwidth — neither of these capabilities are provided by free consumer services.

Support for Desktops and Conference Rooms

Nefsis has found its way into traditional boardroom systems, providing video conferencing software and online services from desktop to boardroom.

What's more, Nefsis uses off-the-shelf webcams and video conferencing equipment. There is no need for proprietary hardware.

This includes multi-microphone mixers, amps, and speakers, providing a complete "immersive" audio experience in your own boardroom.

High Speed, Cloud-Based Delivery for Business

Nefsis was designed explicitly for business use, guaranteeing no consumer traffic overhead. Nefsis incorporates over a decade's experience developing proxy and firewall traversal for multi-office companies and distributed enterprise networks — this is essential for providing the best connection rates possible for multiparty meetings where each user is on their own network.

Unlike free consumer-based video calling providers, Nefsis does not use peer-to-peer technology. Instead, it uses commercial-grade, cloud computing to "virtualize" a conference on the best available server closest to you, thus reducing latency and improving the speed of your video call.


Built-In Web Collaboration Software

Nefsis' easy-to-use tool ribbon provides for maximum engagement and interactivity among video calling participants. Full application, document, PowerPoint, and desktop sharing are available through simple point-and-click tool buttons. Other features include text chat, annotation tools, and a comprehensive white-board for live, web collaboration and mark-up sessions in real-time.

Nefsis Video Calling is Ideal for Small Business and Distributed Enterprise Networks

Nefsis is a cloud-based video conferencing online service that is readily affordable and easy to deploy, yet powerful enough — multipoint HD and virtually unlimited scalability — for distributed, enterprise networks.

Most importantly, Nefsis has the industry's best firewall and proxy traversal for conferencing among multi-office networks and calling on large enterprise clients.

Business Video Calling Applications

Nefsis web and video conferencing applications span the gamut from simple 2- and 3-person video calling, to detailed project reviews and online meetings, sales calls, training, and a long list of specialty applications including telemedicine, video arraignment, video remote interpreting (VRI), and many more.

Business video calling delivers virtually all the benefits of physically sitting across the table from a prospect, customer, or colleague, without having to get in the car or on a plane.

Our top customer applications include:
    • Simple video calls with live desktop sharing
    • Recurring inter-office meetings
    • Sales calls with new prospects
    • Customer and employee training
    • Project management review meetings

FREE Video Calling For Business

Free Trial of Nefsis ProfessionalWith Nefsis video calling, you can save time, money, and help create a more collaborative workplace.

You can get Nefsis Basic for FREE, for two-party video calling and basic web collaboration, or you can start a free, 14-day trial of Nefsis Professional for unlimited, multipoint video calling.

If you would rather talk to an expert, you are welcome to schedule a live demo when convenient for you.