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SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Ready


  • Nefsis is the video conferencing industry's first cloud-based online service
  • Nefsis is the only online service to offer multipoint HD to desktops and rooms
  • Nefsis is USB 3.0 SuperSpeed video conferencing ready — Nefsis multi-core processing easily handles higher data transfer rates (note: Nefsis already supports PCIe/XVF HD video cameras)
  • Automated bandwidth throttling handles end-points with less than adequate bandwidth, while providing other participants the full HD video conferencing experience

SuperSpeed Video Conferencing

The Universal Serial Bus (USB) is widely regarded as a very successful technology. It made it much easier for everyday computer users to add peripheral devices that simply plugged in. As manufacturers began to create more devices this technology became the mainstay for externally connected products. This 'plug and play' technology became less expensive and more available to everyone seeking a video camera, hard drive, portable drive, headset, or gaming device.

Much of USB 2.0's success came from its theoretical data transfer speeds of 480Mbps, well beyond those of original USB 1.0 specification. Because it transferred data so efficiently, USB 2.0 accommodates high-quality video conferencing. For example, the Logitech C910 web camera, a USB 2.0 device, can operate at high-definition (HD) resolution. The problem, however, is that USB 2.0 does not support the frame rates needed for HD 1080 at full frame rates. The C910 and other high resolution USB 2.0 webcams are limited to HD 720p continuous.

USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Supports HD 1080p Frame Rates

To support these frame rates, USB 3.0 (or "SuperSpeed USB") products feature a bi-directional data interface, speeds of up to 4.8Gbps (theoretical), and backward compatibility to USB 2.0 devices. In short, USB 3.0 is up to 10 times faster than 2.0. High resolution USB 3.0 webcams are no longer a bottleneck at the Universal Serial Bus, they can transfer video data at up to 1080 lines of vertical resolution at 60 progressive frames per second (1080 60p).

At the time this was written, desktop and laptop manufacturers have been shipping USB 3.0 ports for several months, with new peripherals being announced every day. High resolution HD 1080p webcams are available from specialty device vendors, with the mainstream manufacturers sure to follow. Nefsis is USB 3.0 ready. Nefsis multi-core software and online services already support HD video conferencing using other classes of HD equipment (PCIe/XVF).

The Implications for Business Video Conferencing

USB 3.0 promises boardroom-quality video at plug-and-play prices so that even small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can create multipoint, high-speed, HD video conferences and online meetings using inexpensive web cameras and Internet access.

Practical Considerations

As is often the case with new technologies, there are some practical considerations. In the real world most multiparty web and video conferences occur over different routes and connection speeds. Bandwidth among users will vary widely. Nefsis was designed from the ground-up as a multipoint conferencing solution using dynamic connections. It uses variable bit rate encoding and automated bandwidth throttling to accommodate typical Internet connections — it does not require dedicated bandwidth typical of point-to-point hardware-based systems. Nevertheless, for the full HD 1080p video conferencing experience, 2-3 Mbps is required at each uplink. Participants without adequate downlink bandwidth will still get a high-quality experience, but not at the frame rates described above, automated bandwidth throttling will make adjustments.

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