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Screenshot showing Nefsis video conferencing for Microsoft OC

Nefsis® Video Conferencing for
Microsoft® Outlook™, Office™, and Communicator™

Nefsis web and multiparty video conferencing is compatible with the full-suite of Microsoft applications and networking software. Nefsis is often used to add easy-to-use, high-speed video conferencing capabilities to Microsoft enterprise instant messaging (OC/OC Server), SharePoint™ and Dynamics™ CRM installations.

Nefsis Plug-Ins & Tool Buttons for Microsoft Office & Outlook

Nefsis (v5.x) has product-specific support for the Microsoft Office Suite, Outlook and the Windows desktop. Nefsis has tray icons, desktop shortcuts and application tool buttons which install at your option. These tool buttons make it easy to start web and video conferences right from Outlook, Outlook invitations, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and any other Office application. Now starting and joining online meetings is only a click away. For more information on how to implement these tools buttons, please click the link below. To learn more about Nefsis, please visit Nefsis video conferencing.

How-To Details:
Add Nefsis Quick Conferencing Tool Buttons to Microsoft Office Applications

Nefsis is Compatibile with OC and
Microsoft Office Communications Server™ (OCS)

Nefsis is also compatible with Microsoft Live Communications Server (LCS), now called Office Communications Server (OCS); and the Office Communicator client (OC). Nefsis online meeting links are standard URLs that can be included in OC chat threads and messages, making it easy for conference participants to click on a link and join an online meeting.

Nefsis customers that use their own personal meeting room or standing meeting rooms can embed their links into templates, message stationary and so on, making it convenient for their participants to join recurring meetings.

For Microsoft shops that use Office and Outlook, but not OC, the Nefsis contact list and tray icon — a no charge add-on — can be used as a presence management and instant messaging system.

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Video conference Applications for
Office Communicator™ Client (OC)

OC Background

The desktop components of the Microsoft Office Communicator suite are essentially a softphone and unified communications client, including a broad set of features in formerly distinct product categories. Like all phones or softphones, the OC client is highly dependent on its associated PBX or switch, in this case, the Office Communications Server (OCS).

The features available to a typical Communicator user will vary a great deal depending on the company's network, presence or absence of the Communicator Server (the "switch"), Live Meeting Service account (an online service subscription), and other required infrastructure such as Exchange, SQL Server, Internet Information Server (IIS), Active Directory (ADS) and Telephony CALs. The relevant features may include presence, IM, chat, consumer IM interchange, and web, VoIP and video conferencing, among others.

According to Gartner Research, all of these requisite components and network services must be in production to test or fully activate OC/OCS.

For customers of the complete Microsoft infrastructure suite mentioned above, OC may be a natural addition. For others, the prerequisites alone may preclude running a simple trial, much less a production installation.  For these customers, a stand-alone presence management, web and multiparty video conferencing solution such as Nefsis provides a viable alternative.

For Customers Running Nefsis and OC ...

Nefsis supports external participants, any broswer & 
				room-based HD peripheralsAlthough there is some overlap between Nefsis and Microsoft real-time applications, there are many customers that use Nefsis as an extension of their OC installations.  In other words, they run both Nefsis and OC.

This may sound a bit odd at first, but there are several areas where Nefsis provides OC customers useful extensions and additional capabilities:

  • Nefsis web and video conferencing is far more effective for use with external participants; Nefsis has no prerequisites other than the Windows operating system, web browser and Internet access
  • Nefsis supports the Firefox and Chrome browsers, in addition to Internet Explorer
  • Nefsis provides support for a much wider variety of audio and video peripherals, including HD cameras and echo cancellation mixers for boardrooms and conference rooms
  • Nefsis cloud computing and multicore concurrency provides much faster multipoint video conferencing for do-it-yourself telepresence applications and HD video conferencing
  • Nefsis meeting hosts can play WMV media files and movies in their video conference sessions
  • Nefsis provides more user, feature, bandwidth and security controls for IT staff.  In particular, the Nefsis Dedicated on-premise server software lets customers use their own security certificate and their own PKI (or choice of 3rd party PKI). In addition, Nefsis Dedicated is FIPS 140-2 compliant.

In summary, it's possible to run virtually any combination of Nefsis with Microsoft Office, OC and other Microsoft Unified Communications products.

Nefsis customers can deploy Nefsis — whether on-premise software or online service — and take advantage of its multipoint web and video conferencing capabilities today, and rest assured that compatibility with the Office suite and OC will continue to be maintained in the future.

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