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Nefsis Video Conferencing Features: Online Meeting

Imagine Holding Business-To-Business Online Meetings Anytime, Anywhere

What is an Online Meeting?

Put simply, an online meeting is just like a standard, face-to-face meeting, except it occurs over the Internet. Elaborating a bit, a more technical definition is two or more computers connected via a real-time data communications channel, usually the Internet, that are sharing a live, virtual meeting space. The latter is often a shared desktop or drawing board, sometimes a presentation.

The enabling technology is often called live collaboration, Web conferencing, or Web and video conferencing. These technologies have gone through several generations evolving with the computer industry: initially limited to LANs, then 1-to-many presentations over the Web, and now fully interactive, multiparty meetings.

Nefsis is the Next Generation

Nefsis is the next generation online meeting service, providing on-demand meeting services to virtually any desktop worldwide, for any number of fully interactive participants, with live data sharing, voice over the Internet (VoIP) and video.

In particular, Nefsis is optimized for impromptu meetings and simultaneously sharing desktops, VoIP and video, continually optimizing the online meeting experience. In addition, it has a wide variety of sharing features available to all users (not just the presenter), so real, substantial work can get done in your online meetings. Nefsis isn't just for show, it's for productive online meetings.

Online Meetings With Nefsis Are Easy

Multi-Office Online Meetings are Easy

If you're familiar with browsing the Web and standard office applications such as Microsoft® Word™, Excel® and PowerPoint®, you can hold an online meeting.

Once you sign-up for a Nefsis account, you can enter your own virtual meeting room with two clicks, one to launch the application (or browser), another to click "my meeting room". Nefsis provides prompts to invite participants and start sharing materials. Your participants simply click on a hyperlink sent in your e-mail invitation, and they'll join you in your virtual conference room.

High-Quality Video Energizes Web Meetings

High-Quality Video Energizes Online Meetings

Nefsis goes beyond the usual Web conferencing experience providing boardroom quality video using ordinary webcams and standard video peripherals. The Nefsis server cloud optimizes performance by selecting the best near-by server, and continuously balancing your CPU power, bandwidth consumption and video quality so that you get the best conferencing experience possible even on shared Internet connections. With high-capacity, corporate Internet access, even HD video conferencing is readily available.

The addition of multiparty video to online meetings is important, because it lends a human touch to the virtual experience. Even in bandwidth-limited scenarios, many of our customers will activate video just to wave hi and "connect" with everyone, then pause the video and continue with their online meeting. Once you've experienced this, you'll intuitively understand why, it helps build rapport among your team members much like a physical conference room.

Top Applications & Business Benefits

The best part of holding an online meeting is that you can meet at a moment's notice with just about anyone worldwide, with no travel expense or delay. You gain most, if not all of the benefits from sitting across the table from a prospect, customer, or colleague, without having to get in the car or on a plane.

Online meetings can be a great addition to conference calls too. They open up an entire visual dimension to an otherwise audio-only forum. This can be very useful for staying on track by keeping the agenda in view, and displaying working documents, spreadsheets, drawings, plans and charts. The experience is very much like meeting around a conference room table, it just happens to be a shared computer desktop with participants seated anywhere in the world.

Save Gas with Green Video Conferencing

There are as many reasons for meeting online, as there are for meeting in-person. Our
top customer applications include:

  • Recurring inter-office and company meetings
  • Telecommuting and greenhouse gas reduction
  • Sales calls with new prospects
  • Staying in touch with existing clients
  • Improving customer service and technical support
  • Customer, employee, reseller and franchisee training
  • Expert consultation (legal, medical, and so on)
  • Specialty remote quality control, inspection and engineering
  • And many more...

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Instead of your normal telephone call or conference call, why don't you try meeting online? Contrary to popular opinion, it isn't meant to completely replace your normal call or meeting, but it can be an add-on to what you are already doing, or provide more flexibility in your travel schedule. For example, you can visit a remote office once per year, but continue monthly meetings online. Wouldn't you like to cut flying or driving to every recurring meeting? Well, now you can!