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Multiparty Desktop Sharing with Live Annotation & Remote Control

Nefsis Video Conferencing Features: Desktop Sharing

Now You Can Easily Share Your Computer Screen
with Anyone, Anywhere in the World

Have you ever been on the phone with someone trying to explain something on your computer? Perhaps you were trying to help someone edit a document or spreadsheet. A picture is worth a thousand words, and these types of situations are no exception. It's often much easier and less time consuming to show somebody what you mean, as opposed to describing it over the phone.

If you catch yourself in long telephone calls trying to describe an image already on your computer screen, then you've already spent more time than a simple desktop sharing session would have taken.

Desktop Sharing Tool Button

Next time, try secure web and video conferencing instead. With a few clicks of your mouse, you and one or more participants can be in your own online meeting room sharing a computer desktop and literally getting on the same page in seconds.

High Quality, Fast Desktop Sharing

The idea of sharing a desktop is pretty straight-forward, and Nefsis takes care of all the details: Firewall and proxy traversal for business users, encryption and security for sensitive applications, and most importantly for a productive session, fast real-time response.

Desktop Sharing Screen Size Options

Nefsis also takes care of different sizes of computer screens, automatically defaulting to the best view of the desktop. If needed, you or your participants can also click fit in view (entire desktop visible), fit to width, actual size and/or auto scroll. Everyone will see the best view for their particular PC and screen.

Desktop Sharing with Live Annotation

Desktop Sharing Session with Live Annotation

For training, management meetings, and project reviews, Nefsis also supports desktop sharing with live annotation.

You, or anyone to whom you grant rights, can point, highlight or draw on a live desktop, application, or region.

Attended Remote Control

Another popular feature, especially in technical support, is desktop sharing with remote control. Anyone in your meeting can share their desktop and grant remote keyboard and mouse control to another participant.

This type of desktop sharing and remote control session is user friendly, and only available in live, attended web and video conferencing sessions. The recipient always gets a confirmation, asking 'allow remote control,' and even if they say yes, a keyboard shortcut appears at the top of their screen to halt the session if needed. Note: Nefsis does not provide unattended remote control features of any kind.

Starting a Free Trial

To start your free trial, click the button below. It takes only minutes to start, no sales call or credit card is required. Once your free trial is running, in just two clicks you can be in your own online meeting room. Your desktop sharing participants don't have to do anything, just click on a Web link you send using Nefsis, or say over the phone. Free Trial